When ideas fall like leaves …

As Autumn approaches and leaves fall, remember to stop and admire them.

Scoop them up and marvel at the world you live in.

Writing is like that; the ability to stand back and view the world in a different way.

I have always felt the escape and the wonder of it and its through my characters I come to see the same world through different eyes.

A novel of course means you crawl into that space and stay a lot longer. For  a short story you can be there for less time, but still feel changed.

This week I am writing a new short, despite feeling the need to return to where I left the characters in my novel, I guess the new story won.

The idea fell on my head one Sunday morning .

It has percolated, slowly dripped into consciousness until it begs to be explored.

And as I explore the characters are taking me, for the first time ever, to a place I know well — where I grew up. But their lives ended up very different to mine.

So when the ideas fall, scoop them up, twirl with your eyes closed and say, “I love being who I am.”


That is all.



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