Paying it forward …

A lovely thing happened to me yesterday. An act of generosity that humbled me and proof that there really are good people in the world who care.

And with such acts I believe in paying it forward by returning it to someone else. And I will.

When I was awake at 4.45 this morning, head buzzing from all the recent events, I bounced out of bed on a mission to get lots achieved today. Bring it on! I also had a little read from The Secret, the book that reminds me how great life is and how what we dream can come true. Really honestly truly.

I hope to have the ‘While No One Was Watching’ song later, it didn’t get released yesterday but can’t wait for you all to hear it. I actually woke up with it running around in my head too!

Well next week I now have some exciting writerly plans! On Tuesday, to kick off the month when I will finally get to hold my novel in my hand (pinches self),  I head off to Chester for a personal shopping experience (first time for everything!) in search of a dress or two for my launches! And then I am on the train to London, hotel near Euston and will be attending the opening of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2014! How lovely to invited, having been on the short-list — it is a real honour! An opportunity too good to miss but I thought I would have to — until that act of chivalry.

I think I feel like a real writer now. Not that I haven’t — in fact I made a choice a long time ago to call myself a writer and I am a writer, but this is a new chapter  and the reason I’m blogging at 6 am! The buzz has got me! There is no return! (Good!)

So all that remains is to say have a great weekend all! Exciting in it?

Be Free to follow your dreams ...

Be Free to follow your dreams …


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