It’s here … Cover Reveal While No One Was Watching

One month away from the official launch event on October 25th ( just a couple of days shy of the official launch date on November 1st) I am thrilled to be able to reveal the cover of the first edition (50th Anniversary) cover of my up and coming debut!

I have talked here before the need to get the cover right and there have been many discussions about this one. I might have some news about a second cover, but that’s still in discussion.

While it’s a popular saying — don’t judge a book by its cover — I think we do and if the cover catches your attention you have picked the book up, turned it over and read the blurb. And hopefully you’re heading for the till.

This cover is bold and it makes the statement it needs to.

So without further ado — cue drum roll…

Here it is …


Friday, November 22nd, 1963, Dallas, Texas, 12.30pm. The US President, John F Kennedy, is assassinated as his motorcade hits town, watched by crowds of spectators and the world’s media. Watching too from the grassy knoll nearby is a young mother who, in the confusion, lets go of her daughter’s hand. When she turns around the little girl has vanished.

Fifty years later, when everyone remembers what they were doing at that moment in history, she is still missing. Who will remember her?

Local hack Gary Blanchet, inspired by the mother’s story, joins forces with former police psychic Lydia Collins to seek answers. Risking ridicule for their controversial theories and with a classroom shooting close to home to deal with, they re-examine the evidence from that day, study footage and look at the official report for details of witnesses in the JFK case. But this time they’re not looking for a man in a crowd with a gun; they are looking for little Eleanor Boone.

Gone, while no one was watching? Maybe someone was.


Available from Parthian Books, official release date November 1st



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5 responses to “It’s here … Cover Reveal While No One Was Watching

  1. Covers are tremendously important – it’s what captures the attention and makes a reader look more closely – and this one looks great!

    I have put this on my list (in fact it’s the only one on my list – I just decided on a list, seeing this!). 🙂

  2. You’re right, it’s a bold cover which makes a statement.

  3. Don Nixon

    I like it.The shredded flag is clever.

  4. My publisher has now sent me the final cover as it seemed the one I posted wasn’t (not sure what happened)– see how much better the flag looks now! I have updated it here! Thanks for your comments and I hope you like it even better now!

  5. Ooh yes, I agree, this cover is bold and makes a statement, I would definitely be attracted to it in a shop… well done Debz!

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