The writer is the marketeer …

…… no not Musketeer or Mouseketeer! But I do like wearing the ears!

Welcome to another exciting week when I will be revealing my cover right here. Haven’t decided what day yet but it is coming!

I had a busy weekend  making some flyers to advertise the launch of While No One Was Watching here in Bangor next month (local people it’s at Llandygai Village Hall (near Penrhyn Castle) close to Bangor on October 25th, 7 pm) as well as thinking ahead to the big Anniversary launch in Essex on November 22nd. And others too we hope!

I also got very excited as we now have a song!

I asked a very talented musician friend of mine if she had any original music we could use on the book trailer I will be making (she supplied the music on the On The Day book trailer) — and she is part of a wonderful band called Flipside Bride — here’s her link: Website   Facebook Page

Watch On This Day Trailer here … please!

I was at school with Manic Pianic and she teaches music and plays so many instruments, she is also a fellow animal campaigner and her songs can be downloaded with a donation to a local animal sanctuary. While she has a lovely husband we did decide to be married on Facebook! So those who wonder, no  I am not really married to a girl, only in a virtual sense! Confuses the hell out of some people though!

Anyway, not only did she agree but she then orchestrated (literally) an entirely new retro song with the 1960s and Kennedy in mind and since my dad, Colin Wyatt,  is a great singer (not just papa bias here either) he sang lead vocals! And another talented best mate Elaine Steel (part of a theatre group and used to be a red coat!) sang backing vocals!

The song is called — wait for it, While No One Was Watching and will be available to download for free with a suggested donation to the animal sanctuary in Essex. We hope to be playing it at the launch events, as well as the book trailer and perhaps even sell CDs with money to the animals as well! So more details as soon as it’s released!

I can not tell you how excited I was listening to it. It has a real retro feel and I was chuffed to bits to hear a song inspired by my novel. Can’t imagine how exciting it would be having a movie made!!! Scrape off ceiling comes to mind!

So more on that soon! And about  the charity, the Tower Hills Animal Sanctuary, here’s their Facebook Page: LINK

Woo hoo! So exciting, can you feel it?

As well as making flyers/posters and invites for the imminent launch events I was also making some posters for the new Paws Animal Writing Competition that is now open again and seeking stories by young budding authors. The new Wild n Free book is in design and I should also be able to reveal that cover as well very soon to our young contributors! I should also receive the final book for proofing any day now as well!

The culmination of months of work — everything seems to, finally, be coming together!

The posters for the Paws competition are now available online to print and distribute to schools, libraries etc … here’s the link! LINK TO POSTER  Please help if you can! Or share the link to the poster to anyone who might be interested!


These days writers need to do a whole lot of the marketing things, and I know with my novel I also have Parthian behind me too … but we need to be more than writers these days! We also have to be marketeers, with ears … ?

Have a great Monday everyone!


Mouseketeer? If you see her approach with caution! Rare author photo (don’t tell anyone, between us, right?)




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4 responses to “The writer is the marketeer …

  1. This all sounds fantastic! And you look great! (I promise, I won’t tell anyone about the ears).

    You won’t actually NEED good luck because with that attitude, you’ve got it all, but Good Luck all the same. Cheers to you! 🙂

  2. Julie-Ann Corrigan

    Bloody fantastic! X

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