Head Space

It’s been an odd time for me when, unusually, I have not been quite as upbeat as usual, odd given all the exciting things coming. Some of this has been the things beyond my control but looks like we have a cover to reveal really soon. Some of it has been the time of year — some financial and some I guess just that the freelancer like me never really stops and I could do with a good break away and some pamper time. But all that will come in good time I don’t doubt.

The last few days have been very wet and while I do love to be cosy inside and there is something aesthetic about the tap-tap-tap of rain on glass as I work, it has also meant less fresh air. Rosie the pooch does not like to walk in the rain and so not only has she had all this energy to play off, I haven’t given my head space to breathe.

This morning we managed a walk before the rain comes (if it does) and I feel so much better for that. I also realised as I walked how much thinking I do in that important time. Some of it is plans for the coming months, some dreaming about what it will be like to have my little house near the family when I eventually find a buyer for my house. And some was thinking about the important changes I am currently making to the new novel. While it’s a complete draft it needed more and now somehow I find myself a traveller in a foreign land. While I am having to write about Moscow, having never been, my protagonist now finds herself in a ghost town outside Moscow and that brings me new and exciting challenges. This is when pennies to travel to these places would help! But I am writing these scenes and making some needed changes.

So maybe a walk does really give us that head space we all need.

What do you think?

The cover is coming … reveal here VERY soon … give in to the muse and see where it takes you …


Never Stop Believing in YOU



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