Out of our hands …

I am in an odd state of limbo at the moment. We’ve reached key points with the two charity books — edits finished with Springbok and off to our celeb foreword writer and Wild n Free Too has just gone off to the designer! So glad these are on schedule 🙂

I love to retain control of situations. I always deliver ahead of schedule, I work like a trooper when needed and if events need planning (like my book launches) I like to be well head of the game. But what I have had to learn this week is patience is sometimes essential.

Work wise has been slower than I have ever known it, but all that promises to change soon, I hope. I really hope. But in all this time I’ve been doing this job, this is rare — so I guess it does go with the job. And all that can change any moment.  But some things are out of our hands.

Same with the novel and the delays to getting the cover just right — which shows just how important this decision is to everyone involved, how great is that! And I appreciate that attention to detail. But I can’t help getting slightly twitchy about time and whether the book will be ready for the Bangor launch on October 25th. But again some things are out of my hands. And well — we’ll sort it I’m sure.

In fact it really is a limbo time when my patience is being put to the test. But then isn’t that always the case with the writer? It’s been a long wait to get this far, on the eve of the publication of my debut novel — so I suppose impatience now and wanting it all to be perfect is in keeping with what I said yesterday: it means everything; it’s been a long time coming! But I am also one debut novelist amongst many thousands and one book among many my publisher is launching. I trust them with my heart. Working with a small press myself, and aware of process means it’s hard to take a back-seat sometimes. But I have to. That is a lesson I have to learn. The control freak needs a break — chill time and turning that positive energy of mine into a little bit of surrender … it will all be alright. I have always known this, it’s my motto!

So all I can do with all these things now is wait.

So when a close friend said she was driving today on an errand I was welcome to join her and have lunch, where normally I would have protested I have to work, today I think getting away from over-thinking it all is a good thing. I will do a little writing now and some more later, but a few hours away might just be what the doctor ordered — along with some patience (patients?!)

writer 4

See you tomorrow!


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One response to “Out of our hands …

  1. Good luck with it all, I so hope if goes brilliantly for you. You’ve done the work, the rest will look after itself – with prodding and patience, of course.

    Cheers to you! 🙂

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