I love this time of year …

The morning was crisp, not too cold but I could feel the whisper of winter’s promises as  I walked.

I do love this season, and what it brings, all dressed up in tinsel. Even the start of TV’s X Factor for me yields the beginning of the season that leads to Christmas … and family time.

Of course this year also sees four publications in November for me — five if you count the new Chuffed Buff Books one that I am still waiting to see. I have the Wild n Free Too book that is out November, the Springbok Wildlife Anthology, the winners anthology for the Bath Short Story Award and of course my novel! November is to be a crazy month! So Christmas might have to a bit of a side-step this year but will be a much-needed break after the madness and before it continues again! 2014 will be even better!

More book promos in the new year I hope and my trip to LA in March.

It’s just all so exciting I have to pinch myself some days!

I am also thrilled to have been able to secure my three special judges for the Paws Animal Writing Competition for Children that opens again a week from today! I will be announcing the judges on Friday! So watch this space!

Wild n Free Too is going off to the designer today hopefully 🙂 can’t wait to share the amazingly eye-catching cover we have for that one this year.

And while I know I keep teasing — you will see my novel cover any day, honest!

So as another Monday morning is upon us — embrace it, feel the glow of those festive lights flickering in the not too distant future but  live in the moment.

Always remember to have fun with your life.




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One response to “I love this time of year …

  1. I love this time of the year too Debz.

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