Sometimes you just have to write …

Part of being a writer — or at least a published one, is having to do all the promotional things and hence our presence on social networking sites, author visits, radio interviews etc. I sometimes wonder how people find the time to do it all, but I guess they just find the time. It’s part of the job. So we need to embrace that!

It’s like anything.

If we need to, we will always make the time to do the things we have to.

But for me writing is where the dream starts.

Writing for me is not a have to but a need to  do thing. It keeps me sane.

So all I am saying today is hi and I better go and write!


Have a great day!


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One response to “Sometimes you just have to write …

  1. Great post Debz. I used to write a lot until I heard somewhere we need a platform. Now all I knew was about platforms, was the high diving one at the swimming baths, so now I’m on twitter, facebook, have a blog, website, linked in, tumblr, about me, and all I want to do is WRITE, LIKE YOU….So, off to write.

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