A sense of expectation …

Another Monday morning and here in North Wales the day has grey edges. But not inside — the sunshine is always inside.

I had a busy weekend — almost done with all the edits for the Springbok Wildlife Anthology, and also been hard copy proofing the new Wild n Free book — it’s still only a Word document and is missing a bio and the advert for the Springbok book but the plan is to get the errors to a minimum before it goes for typesetting so there are fewer edits then — I hope. I am also trying to secure my third big judge for the Paws competition when it opens again later this month! Fingers crossed.

So I woke up with a slight headache and desire for a rest! I have this yearning to fly to somewhere in New England, find me a little quaint place to rent and with no phone and no TV just write for a month or three. I would like to borrow a dog and a cat or two though. Romantic ideal? Well, maybe but who says I can’t make it a reality one of these days, eh? You gotta dream it to create it.

But that said I have a lovely life here and it’s a time when not only can I feel Christmas whispering in the air if I turn my head in the right direction — but also the excitement of knowing that my novel is out next month, well officially November 1st but my first big launch event is October 25th when people can get it early. So I now need to start getting some other events lined up, a few articles written to magazines, a few more radio interviews booked etc.

In fact it’s not Christmas I anticipate this year — but what the next three months will bring. And I can’t wait.

Work is still slow but it allows me to get the other things done — before the craziness descends.


Have a great day whatever you do!


Yep always somethin' to do!

Yep always somethin’ to do!


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