Being busy …

It’s a funny old time when paid work is slow and a freelancer starts to wonder about bills. That said in the 3 and a half years since I’ve been working for myself it is extremely rare not to have work lined up. But it will come because it always does. It’s amazing how little money you can live on when you need to!

What this time does mean is I can get the editing done for  the Save The Rhino charity project and get to grips with the Wild n Free book instead of it being just a weekend thing. And of course there is always my own writing, my priority when all else is said and done.

There is always something to do and I love it.

If I wanted to be rich I would not have chosen this career!

So as another week starts I look forward to what can be achieved. I have a feeling lots of work will come soon and then it’s going to be mad at book launch time and with 4 books out that I have a hand in soon, it really will be busy!

Bring. It. On.

2013 is a great year. 2014 will be even better!




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