The In Between

I invented a place called the In Between where you find lost socks and missing keys.

It’s also where the tooth fairy hangs out with Santa and the Easter Bunny. God there’s too sometimes.

You might even find a ghost or a lost soul there once in a while.

It’s a world on the edge of this one and not quite in the next one.

It’s where I like to hang out with assassinated presidents and missing children, feral kids and brothers killed in Afghanistan. And the longer I hang out there, the more I learn.

But I see this place only as the waiting room; the bridge between what is and what could be. I dip in for a while and then I create a new existence. I shift the boundaries between the possible and the impossible, between truth and lie, between what is and what is not.

And now these worlds live in your head, but even between heads this place is not the same, and you might even dip into the In Between yourself and shape the very world I gave to you.

Welcome to the place where dreams are dreamed.

Where a fiction writer likes to hang out.

Where everything and nothing is possible all at the same time.

Welcome to the  imagination of the fiction writer.


This is going to be an AMAZING week … I feel it!


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