Raring to go …

Well after a very rare week off that included unplugging from most social media platforms apart from the odd Facebook update or Tweet, I am sat at my desk and raring to go! How different that feels to the days of forcing myself miserably back to a day job I hated! I am keen and excited!

While I miss writing when I’m away I also think a break does improve the writing, by creating some distance. The plan for this week is to re-read the new long short story and get that off, perhaps tweak one or two older ones to sub and I have another one I want to work on at some point but I am also keen to get back to I Am Wolf! I was approached by another publisher off the back of winning Bath to submit to a collection as well! So I need to see what I have that might be suitable! It’s all go!

I am also delighted to announce that you can now pre-order the new collection by Chuffed Buff Books that my story When the Wind Changes appears in! I will post a small extract to whet the appetites (I hope!). It has been great fun connecting to all the writers in this collection as well — from all over!

So what else is new since I went away and left my blog to fend for itself?

I have now booked my hotel in the centre of Bath for November so anyone in or near there or planning a trip there here are the details of the workshop I’m running on How to Write a Psychological Thriller: LINK

Mum and I never seem to have gone away just us so she is coming with me and we will have a couple of days enjoying the city and I hope to do some promotion of the novel as well, perhaps a local radio station as it’s the week leading up to the 50th anniversary of the assassination anniversary and my Essex book party on the Friday!

I see Radio 2 will have a three-hour real-time broadcast of the motorcade procession and events on that fateful day 50 years ago so will be tuning in as I get ready! Read more here:  LINK

I am planning a little book tour in November/December so anyone want to suggest book shops please do let me know!

I have also booked my 2-week trip to LA next March– long overdue, to stay with friends but also to have a book party there as well! So exciting!

I am wondering if there’s a way to have a Dallas event as well but not sure pennies will stretch that far!

So it is all happening!

I hope to see the final cover any time now and will do a big cover reveal as soon as I have it!

So that’s me — what you all been up to?

I am still looking for In the Spotlighters so anyone with a new book to tell me about — inbox me!

Well, here I am and I’m back to talk all things writing! Missed you all! That extract I promised …


When The Wind Changes


Robert scoops snow into his glove. He shapes it, pats it down with his other hand before pressing it into the face of the snowman. I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, a nose perhaps, but everyone knows a carrot is best for that. He’s been building the snowman for twenty minutes, working systematically, rolling the body, then the head, placing twigs where its fingers are supposed to be. He only looked up once when the cat ran along the fence, Bill Broad’s big black cat. Now he steps back and I see it in his face. He’s remembering me.

He’s remembering the last time we built a snowman and Dad took a photograph of us. Robert has the photograph now. He took it from my room. They tell one another they never go in there, they can’t go in there. But they do. I’ve seen Mum with her face pressed into my dressing gown, as if she thinks she can fold herself into it and disappear. I’ve seen her running her fingers across my things, so lightly she’s afraid if she presses too hard something will break. Or maybe she’s afraid it’ll be her.

Nan doesn’t go in. I see her standing in the doorway thinking she sees me. Telling me she forgives me. Mum says she’s just a crazy old woman, but I know she’s not.

When Robert took the photograph from my room I was there, willing him to see me the way Nan does. He keeps the picture in a shoebox. It’s where he keeps all the things that remind him of me. I suppose that’s all that’s left in the end: a shoebox; random things like the notebook where I scribbled ideas about what I wanted to be, dog-eared football cards, a Rubik’s cube with half the stickers missing and a photograph of me and my brother standing next to a snowman.  

In the photograph I’m wearing a hat, my red hat, the one with the flaps that used to cover my ears. One of Nan’s lopsided creations because she never could get it right, knit one, purl two, something like that. “Arthritic hands,” she’d say and Mum would smile, laughter spreading out like sunshine in the delicate lines on her face.

The red hat is the same red hat they found with my things. It’s how they knew where I was. 

Copyright Debz Hobbs-Wyatt 2013 Chuffed Buff Books You, Me and a Bit of We: A Celebration of Writing in the First and Second Person

Same place, same time tomorrow folks! She’s back!



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  1. Amazing 🙂 I found this place on yahoo poking around for something
    totally unrelated, now I’m gonna need to read through all the old material. So long my free time today, but this was a really amazing find!!!

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