When a dream feels real …

Last blog post for a week and what a way to end the week! My debut novel is now available to pre-order even though the official release date is November 1st! It seems real now!

Cover reveal here soon as well!

So I thought I would be lazy and just post you some links!

First here is my interview about my writing from Parthian’s website new this week: Scroll down to find me! http://www.parthianbooks.com/content/behind-scenes-authors-media

Here is some more info about the book! http://www.parthianbooks.com/content/fiction-autumn-2013

Pre-order from the publisher here: http://www.parthianbooks.com/content/while-no-one-was-watching

And it’s also available to pre-order from Amazon already! http://www.amazon.co.uk/While-No-One-Was-Watching/dp/1908946326/

Well that’s me saying have a great weekend and a great week and I’ll be back Monday 19th August with more of my mutterings!

Be Happy



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