Why do we all love a conspiracy?

Or maybe we don’t.

But many do.

I touched on this once before when I was talking about the role of fact in fiction and how I found myself embroiled in conspiracy theories when I was researching for my novel.

The reason I’m thinking about this now is because of the book I’m editing about Lockerbie  a totally riveting forensic analysis.  I might even be tempted to buy this. I won’t be credited as editor but I will look out for it as we approach the 25th anniversary this December.

I grew up naively believing that what’s recorded as news has to be true but of course we all know that’s not true.

But I wonder why we have this fascination in conspiracies rather than accepting the simpler less implicating explanation? Aside from distrust in what authorities tell us, I wonder if a part of us actually wants conspiracies to be true — it taps into  some primeval fascination? And as I was editing this book on Lockerbie, all kinds of seeds were being planted that I’m sure might play a role in a future novel.

All this said I haven’t read many conspiracy novels and I wouldn’t say my novel is particularly a conspiracy novel which conjures thoughts of FBI, CIA and cops. What about you?

Here’s the list that came up as the best conspiracy novels on Amazon — and I have to confess to not reading any of these– but I might.


But perhaps for me what really presses my buttons are ‘real’ stories where fact and fiction work together? Where we take what we know and what we think might’ve happened and add our own spin? And I guess that’s exactly what I did with While No One Was Watching.

Since I started following hashtags and Google alerts on Kennedy it’s amazing how many non-fiction books are coming out in time for the anniversary. Here’s a link to The Book Seller, an article from last week:  http://www.thebookseller.com/news/publishers-commemorate-jfk-anniversary.html

And I am guessing there will be several books out similar to the one I’m currently editing about Lockerbie. Anniversaries do spark a flurry of books.

I did tell The Bookseller they missed off my novel. Cheeky but hey!

Well I am getting ready for my little trip hence the early post and it will be short post tomorrow with some lovely links before an unusual summer break for a week with none of my ramblings! Yay you say! Have a great day!


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