Dancing in the Rain …

The message is simple this morning. Appreciate! Appreciate! Appreciate!

I was thinking last night about how grateful I feel to be doing what I love — I know I say it a lot but I mean it a lot!

This week I find myself with an unusual lull in work although I have a copy-edit due back next week that I will start on today. But what it means is I have allowed myself to write all day! And I have been working on some short stories for a change. I am still working on the novel as well, but sometimes when you’re working out new plot points, it’s good to come away from it for a couple of days.

The thing I love about writing short stories is it keeps you keen, sharp and the sense of achievement comes faster. I edited a short of mine from some time ago that has now been submitted. I plan to rework another old one and I am also working on something new. It really is true to say that the more you write different things like this, the more creative you feel and the more ideas come. And who knows which of these short stories might morph into the next novel?

I might even write shorts for a couple of weeks before I go back to the rework of the novel.

I was also thinking about process as I was writing yesterday. I have a plan and I know what I want the new story to do, but once again it was only when I started to write I realised what else it needed. You find yourself writing lines you never planned and it seems like the magic has hit you on the head again!

Love it!

How about you?

I hear ya!

I hear ya!



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One response to “Dancing in the Rain …

  1. It is a great feeling when you suddenly realise what your story needs and can go back and put it in as though it was there from the start.

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