The Publishing Process continued …

I thought I would do a quick post today about the progress with the novel as we move ahead towards publication date and the way time is flying it will be here before we know it!

The editing process was pretty painless but I have already extensively edited the work many times. But what having an editor did for me and Cerys is lovely, apart from catch those missed typos, was to question when something wasn’t as clear as it should be and suggested where something might need expansion.

And as I mentioned one suggestion led to a brain wave that fuelled the rewrite of the last chapter and I am so much happier! Thanks for that Cerys 🙂

So the edits went back and forth until it was only minutiae and now the book has been sent for typesetting and then will be proofed again! — for typos etc.

And while we decided on a cover, plans fell through and it went back to the drawing board so I am still waiting on news of that!

So it all seems to be happening and every time I think about it my heart does a little jolt!

Already I have events booked but as soon as I have the cover and an AI sheet I will be sending it out and trying to organise signing events. That’s where the self-promotion will really begin! So if you know of any writing festivals later in the year, want me to sign in a local bookshop to you, run any workshops — please do get in touch! I will be on tour! I have already been booked for Bath in November (date to be arranged) to run a workshop on writing with a slant towards psychological thrillers. So happy to do more!

Also those that follow me on Twitter (@DebzHobbsWyatt) and my Facebook Page (now stuck it seems at 140 likes) you will know I have been keeping my eye on the news and all things Kennedy as media interest begins to pick up. There was an interesting discussion on BBC Radio 4 last week about the portrayal of Kennedy in fiction so I posted on Michael Carlson’s blog and told him about my book! Cheeky! Great blog by the way and interesting interview — links below.  But really I find many of the people who are tweeting about the #JFK50 thing are following me back and a few American followers have expressed a real interest in the novel! So this time as we head towards release in October is the perfect time to get chatting to these like-minded people and raise some expectations about While No One Was Watching! Exciting in it?!!! Even if I am now treading further into that field of glorious self-promo. I would rather be on blogs and sites and radio (booked on BBC Radio Wales later this year too!) talking about writing fiction and about Kennedy than just waving my hand in the air saying “Buy this book!” — and I hope that comes across! So again if you know of any radio stations, shops, events, sites — keep me posted! And it was thanks to a Twitter follower, one of our lovely CaféLit writers I even knew about the Radio 4 thing — so if you hear of anything, let me know — please!


Radio link (listen from 09.18, only short, although the bit before it with Evie Wyld is good too! )

Now I am back working on I Am Wolf and such a task-master questioning how much I like it and what to do to make it better. I have changed my narrator to the first person voice she has been crying out to be but I had resisted. Then I need to think about the story arc more. You see, even with an award under my belt and a novel out later this year, I still fret it’s no good! Welcome to the life of the writer. But know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Writing 1

Or you can make anything happen by writing?

Have a great day whatever you do!


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