Satisfaction …

There’s a really lovely sense of achievement when you finish a project, and as you’ll all know, those writers out there; sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever finish when you consider how many rewrites and edits are needed to produce what you hope looks like something written without effort, the words gliding onto the page as if they just came out that way.

Yesterday I sent back my novel with one or two small additions at the end, sentences really but one does mean something significant — waiting on a reaction as to whether this needs to be there or not. But then I think we can say, apart from the proofing by someone else for errors we missed — we are about there. So today I will finally be back to the other novel. And I woke up with this odd idea buzzing in my head and some really interesting characters and oddly for the first time ever the story is set where I grew up. Now maybe it’s because I am wanting to move back there, who knows, but it’s a story now percolating and most likely will be a new short story. But I love it when that happens and even as I stood in the shower all I could hear was this little boy and his sister talking to me. Or maybe I have been hanging out with clairvoyant friends too long! The voices will get you — beware.

What I love is how one project ends (although at the same time is just beginning!), another comes and they line up one after the other. I don’t really believe in writer’s block — they’re just there 🙂

So what next? Well we’ll see what the editor thinks and hopefully sign off on the edits. I hope to see the cover soon.

In the meantime it’s onwards and upwards and I love it.

How about you? What are people enjoying at the moment book wise?

Happy Wednesday from lush green wet Wales 🙂

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One response to “Satisfaction …

  1. Good stuff! I am currently waiting for my Muse to return, although she is starting to whisper odd snippets of inspiration. Who knew pregnancy would do this to me? In the meantime, I have received my novel back from my publisher with only minor amendments suggested (it’s my first historical novel and there are a few discrepancies, oops!). So, I need to get cracking with the edits and get it sent back for printing. Exciting times!

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