Let’s talk cats …

Well it’s Friday and a wet one in North Wales but a lush green gorgeous one too!

Fellow writer and soon to be spotlighter in my series sees the launch of her début novel as both eBook and paperback today. Sarah England has had many short stories published in both collections and for the magazine market — and she has been working tirelessly to promote her book. I will be dipping in and put of her day long Facebook launch by her publisher Crooked Cat and you are all invited. Here’s the link: FACEBOOK LAUNCH EVENT

And I also wanted to send you a trailer. I had never seen or had anything to do with book trailers when I had the idea last year to make one for Wild n Free that some of you may remember and later for On This Day. But it seems they are a popular thing — I thought I’d invented the concept! Only kidding — but I thought I would share this to whet your appetites before we welcome Sarah to the spotlight soon.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!



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3 responses to “Let’s talk cats …

  1. Congratulations Sarah!
    Really looking forward to reading this and future novels to come!

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