Crossing age gaps …

I will try to keep this brief as I have plenty on my to do list today.

Yesterday I visited a group of young writers who attend a local school and over the past couple of years I have got to know some of them. They call themselves The Nomads — from a time when they struggled to find somewhere to meet and the name stuck.

Every year they produce an anthology in the school of the work they produce outside of school hours and the club is for all ages at the school — it’s a secondary school.

Every time I visit I can’t help but see that passion that we all need to nurture and who knows some of these might go onto to write or it might be a hobby, as mine was for many years. I also wonder if any will join the Bangor Cellar Writing Group at some point as well!

But I just wanted to share that they asked me to talk about my new novel and of course they’re invited to the launch. But also about winning the Bath Short Story Award. They asked me to read the story. Because it’s narrated by a 12-year-old although it is an adult story really it crosses that age gap. I did warn them it is was sad — but hopeful. I loved the response and the discussion afterwards. Not only did it really make them think about the importance of a strong voice and by that I mean the character voice — but also in what we write about. It sparked a discussion on loss and grief — and how stories have something to say and might help someone. The overwhelming message they seemed to get from this was that even in grief there is humour and things do get better. They understood the metaphor in Learning to Fly about making it through a difficult time. I really am happy to hear this as who knows — it might help someone directly or encourage them to look at the messages in their own work.

And it reminded me what I have always known — that creative writing and the connection it gives you to your reader, is more than just entertainment- it can really make a difference to lives. And I see that was part if our roles as writers.

It was a lovely meeting and I look forward to the next visit. It wasn’t a workshop and I don’t get paid for it — but I think it’s important to  nurture this new generation of writers.

What do you think?


Tomorrow a friend’s eBook is released and I will sharing a trailer and an invite to her online launch party — so be here!



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