The Best of CafeLit 2012

Yay — the book is now out.

I have talked about the Creative Café Project before and how I spent Christmas making my selection for the Best of from 2012 — the names released on January 1st of this year. Well it has then taken a while to edit and put the stories together and for them to then be typeset by our designer — but I am happy at last to announce that the Kindle and Paperback versions are now available from Amazon!

I guess selection of the Best of, as I say in my foreword is always going to be subjective, but what I tried to do was put together a selection that showed what I see Cafelit as being — and that’s something different — stories that make you think. But it’s a pretty broad thing as I like weird and wonderful, experimental, flash, longer pieces as well as the more traditional short story telling. So that’s what we have. At the end of the day it’s about good writing. And that’s what I look for — but I also work with the authors (if I need to) to polish anything almost there. But I rarely have to do a lot of editing I have to say!

So if you want something easy to read over the summer that you can dip in and out of like toes in the sea — buy this book.

And if you want to have a go at submitting look at what I accept — well almost anything that might not find a home in mainstream goes here.

Do have a look!

Well on a personal note looks like my new computer will arrive today instead — so I hope to be writing on that tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

Have a great day everyone. A friend launches an eBook this week — the talented Sarah England who I welcome to the spotlight in a couple of weeks so I might have some news about her book as well, something to whet the appetite … keep reading!


(sorry no cover — this laptop has issues uploading it — no idea why!)






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