Monday morning buzz … of the computer?

Gone are the days of dreading the start of a new week — I positively couldn’t wait for it to start — really! The buzz is more than the tingle in my fingers of itching to write — where would I be without my computer?

That has been the question of the weekend!

Last week was so crazy and I was working my little socks off — this week work is on the way but I have a couple of days to finally draw breath and I’m really looking forward to getting on with the rework of I Am Wolf — maybe a lot of thinking today! I am also eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new computer. Yes — a new computer!

Who else thinks of their computer as their baby?

Maybe I’m just sentimental!

I remember my first computer in the back-end of the 90s, over £1000 from Time computers (remember them?) and I hadn’t a clue. I had to do a course to learn how to use Word, Excel etc.! And the internet was so slow! I bought it when I was studying for my first degree and I wrote a little as well of course.

It was 8 years ago when Lee was sick I realised I wanted a laptop to give me more mobility for where I wrote and at that time I was working on the first will-probably-never-see-the-light-of-day novel — my Native American story. And that first laptop lasted me 5 years when it finally died in 2010. The one I have now has really taken a hammering, since I’m on it 10-12 hours a day and this weekend the cooling fan started playing up — it’s already had a new keyboard (I didn’t know you could wear out the keys!), a new hard drive and new power cable! The fan is no biggie to fix but it made me realise once again how reliant we are on these ‘tools’ of the trade. You can’t just do it with a pen and paper these days! And for me as it’s my livelihood I realised I needed a more permanent back-up plan. Mind you, the day my hard drive died March 11th was also the day I found out my novel was being published so the pain was somewhat dissipated!

Anyhow since ‘Ma knows best’ — my mum made me realise that since the laptop is close to 3 years old maybe what I really need is to work on a pc now I work from home and so the new one arrives today.  When I have a plan, I never waste any time getting it sorted! A computer friend is setting it all up for me so I hope to be up and running on it come Wednesday. It makes sense. The laptop will still be fixed and will be used for travelling, at the folks and of course a back-up if I have issues with the main computer. And since this baby is my tool and I will be intimate (in the finger caressing, spilling out all my feelings to kinda way) — we’re gonna be spending a lot of time together! SO it’s an important purchase.

Thankfully with my friend’s knowhow it’s costing a lot less than that £1000 plus I spent on the first one! And my friend is loading Windows 7 as not hearing good things about Windows 8 and the shops are only selling this operating system. Also it gets frustrating when you have a new system and your printer’s no longer compatible! So at least this way I should be up and running as usual pretty quick!

Everything I need is backed up so it should be easy enough!

So, the Monday morning buzz really does not include the purr of the computer. Today I am working on my neighbour’s although I will be using mine later to see if the little trick we tried in cleaning the fan has worked, if not a new fan will be ordered.

I don’t buy myself a lot (all say aah) so this is exciting and I say to this week — bring it on!

Rosie says hi!

Rosie is 3 today!!!


That’s it for today folks! Have a good one!



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2 responses to “Monday morning buzz … of the computer?

  1. Don Nixon

    Happy Birthday Rosie

  2. Aww, Happy Birthday Rosie! I know what you mean about the computer Debz. We have both a laptop and a PC, because they are shared between me and my husband (although I definitely use them more!). Our PC is just about showing its age now so we are beginning to consider a new one, maybe as a joint Christmas present if we can find the cash… it has been worked hard, poor thing!

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