If you shout too much do people stop listening?… Tweet tweet …

Well seeing as I now seem to have three Twitter accounts, one for Bridge House, one for Paws n Claws and one for me the author, a few Facebook pages and this blog it seems I do have a social media presence even if a lot of it happened by accident!

I also discovered Tweetdeck and on occasion have set it to send out Tweets for me.

I did originally set up BridgeHouseDebs for marketing BH books and also sharing other publishing, competition, calls for submission information from other sites. Part of me knows I could have done a whole lot more with it — but at the same time I have so many other things to do! Better things!

The Paws one follows more animal and conservation things and children’s publishers and so on and again was to promote that and Wild n Free and so on.

And now I needed one for me as the author. I try to make the posts interesting and there will of course be quite a few about the new novel.

But one of the things I find is that while we’re really encouraged to use social media for a presence and to sell books — there are so many! I follow lots of writers and tend to follow back and some shout all the time about their book. I know you have to and when Wild n Free was free I did the same. But boy was it tiring! While that was over 5-day period and I will have other ‘free’ periods like this, it’s the ones who do it all the time. How much notice do we really take of someone who keeps shouting about the same thing? 

I have to say I can’t help but gloss over so many of those. I also start to wonder if a writer spends so much time Tweeting etc then wouldn’t it be better to just write?

Isn’t the show don’t tell really in place here — don’t just shout how good you are — prove it? You either shout look at me, buy my books — look! Look! Look! or your books speak for themselves and show it. But there lies the conflict because no matter how good the book is, if no one knows it exists — how they gonna know about it? So I guess I’ll still keep shouting?

Thoughts appreciated on this.

But at the same time when I keep seeing the same book title by lots of people including agents and publishers etc and THEN I see it in Tesco I might be tempted. But otherwise, yes I have bought some of these books so I guess it does work, but I still have reservations about all that shouting!

What do you think?

I also am aware of software packages that will follow the followers of people who perhaps have similar books to yours, does it all automatically and then unfollows if they don’t follow you back! I was tempted but I can’t help thinking there’s something a bit cold about that. I don’t think I’ve ever unfollowed anyone! And does this kind of cold marketing really generate sales?

Maybe E L James and Amanda Hocking would say otherwise or perhaps it’s the Blog tours and proper interviews that make the most difference which is how I think Amanda Hocking sold her 80,000 initially.

Just wondering what people think — if we shout too much about the same thing — do people stop listening?

Ay? What’s that you said, dear?

What I hope is to post about all sorts as well as the book and hope it creates interest, fingers crossed!

I will leave it there as I prepare to send my edits back to Parthian and have writing group tonight that I am chairing — oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARRY MANILOW 70 TODAY!

No In the Spotlight tomorrow but lining a few up for you!





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3 responses to “If you shout too much do people stop listening?… Tweet tweet …

  1. Its a difficult one. We do have to market our books – if people don’t know they exist then they can’t buy them. It’s easy to overdo it though and hard for us to tell if we are.

    ps BUY MY BOOK!!!!

  2. Julie-Ann Corrigan

    Matt Haig is a gd example here. he tweets some great stuff. His blogs are really funny (some have been published in main newspapers, I believe). So when he tweets about his book, I buy, because I know the standard of his writing and know he is funny, profound, insightful etc. Bit like Debz!

  3. Interesting insight. I am currently experimenting with the social networking, and am a member of several different Twitter author groups where we RT for each other. I don’t know if it is helping or hindering my promotion at the moment, but I try not to clog my feed with too much blatant advertising. I have noticed that when I don’t do the RTs for a few days, my book sales slump, so I can conclude that it is working, albeit slowly. Any exposure is better than none at all I suppose!

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