Making a connection …

I had a message from an actress on my Author Facebook page today congratulating me on my winning short story and saying she has recorded it.

Now that’s a way to start a blog post. Wow. Not sure how it will be made available — but wow. What a buzz! If I’m excited about that, imagine how it feels if one of your stories is dramatised, made into a film — wow, that’s how characters really come to life.

I knew the award organisers were recording a few of the winning stories so will let you know where you can download it — as soon as I know!

So … another week is coming to a close and what a week — with so many people sending me lovely messages  — it’s a big ego trip and I feel rather embarrassed but at the same time — really happy. It comes down to why we write I guess — and since for me it’s about connecting to people, then it seems this story has and I guess that’s what it’s about.

I cringed at Big Brother last night and turned it off. It’s no longer a social experiment in human observation but a bunch of weirdos seeking ‘fame’ without having a talent. Now I don’t want fame in that sense — but if my stories could be ‘famous’ and live in someone else — then that’s the kind of validation I seek. What about you?

I added a question to my Spotlight series in the most recent posts , about what authors want their stories to do. For me it’s that I want to somehow change their thinking — make them see the world slightly differently. I don’t know if people will always get it — but when they take time to comment to me on Twitter, Facebook etc,  and tell me they connected, laughed, cried — then I know somehow I made that connection and it’s an amazing feeling.

Someone also said of my story how it was the voice that really worked. I have always been a real champion for getting the voice right — and by this I don’t mean the author voice which I see more as the style of the author — but the character voice and have said here many times I think you can make that connection just as effectively with a third person deep, subjective, right in their head point of view, as a first person. In the Learning to Fly story it was a first person as it felt right for the story and as a twelve-year-old tom boy — and I love using younger voices like that. Oddly the other story that won a competition Rats in the Attic also used a young narrator. Maybe I need to use that kind of voice in a novel but I fear it might be hard to sustain. Shorts allow you to be succinct and not overdo it.

Do your characters speak to you?

And readers — what characters have really spoken to you? What about their voice did you love?

I see it as akin to being an actor, it’s the voice of the character that needs to live on the page.

I am really interested in this connection. As it’s through character voice you really connect with the reader.

I hope the characters in my novel will do this too — also first person narratives, both very distinct, so no question when you pick up the book and it flips open, who is telling the story on that page.  I use two narrators, Gary the reporter from Grapevine Texas and Lydia the African American psychic from Hamilton Park Texas. I want the reader to connect, to be part of the lives of these characters. I hope they come across as real and rounded and I can’t wait for them to live in someone else’s head!

On that note I had more peeks at the cover this week and I am delighted they have consulted me. It’s not what we originally planned, but you need lots of pennies to use real photos of Kennedy and that day — but it is very atmospheric and I will have a big cover reveal — but not yet!

After posting on Monday about people’s good news and people telling me theirs I feel I want to try to add a message board to my blog or even a Facebook page where authors share good news — an only good news place. I will think more about this but I think with so much negativity in the world we need a place to celebrate — whatever it might be! What do you think?

And on that note it’s Friday and it might be raining but life is always there to be celebrated.

I love this Bon Jovi song for feelin’ good so I’ll leave it with you. GET UP AND ROCK! Let me see ya!!!

A great motto for life — I don’t wanna be another wave in the ocean, I am a rock not another grain of sand! Right?






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3 responses to “Making a connection …

  1. Mandy Davies

    Learning to Fly was beautifully moving. You should maybe use a child’s voice again as you do it so well. It worked brilliantly for Harper Lee! Have a great weekend xxx

  2. Because We Can! Yeah, rock on Debz!!

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