The buzz …

… when it comes, it really comes.

What a year!

And I just want to thank everyone for their emails, tweets and lovely comments in response to my news. Thank you so much!

I am still smiling from the weekend!

But real life soon returns and now I’ve finished the rewrite of my final chapter and am reading my novel again — a small change somewhere has a ripple effect so now I have to make sure it all works. Then I need to write my acknowledgements and dedication pages. Oh now that makes it feel real.

I also had a sneak peek of the cover, very much a work in progress that needs development but even that had my heart jumping — my title and my name on it. Woo hoo! Of course there will be a big reveal when we’ve agreed on it — and for a while yet — but I will share it here first.

So I guess it really is happening then?

And November looks set to be a busy time — Wild n Free Too, the Springbok Publications book, the Bath Short Story Winners eBook and MY NOVEL! I am looking at doing signings in lots of places if I can so if you know of a great bookshop near you, who you think  might consider a signing event and you can muster enough people, let me know! We’re talking about an event in Bath as well.

I am sharing here as I think it’s important for you all to know, the ‘writerly’ types amongst you, that it really can happen. I’ve had some lovely news from one of my clients as well that she has had more books accepted and a  client who we published at Bridge House recently signed a 2-book deal for her children’s books with Ireland’s largest independent press. I love all this good news!

Do share yours with me!

And right now the timing all seems great — it’s all coming together and I can feel the buzz in my fingertips.

Let’s keep that energy going!

That’s all I wanted to say today.

Never give up!

Be Happy



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7 responses to “The buzz …

  1. What a cheery post – your enthusiasm made me smile.

    My good news is thatI have a short story collection being published very soon.

  2. Paula Readman

    I have been following your wonderful news, Debz. I find it truly amazing to think that you were wishing it would happen then telling us six months that 2013 would be your year and here we are six months later it has happened. Truly brilliant! Well done!

  3. Yep, LOA in action at its best! My good news is I am eagerly awaiting a contract for my fourth book to be published, and by a traditional publisher no less! Woo-hoo!

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