‘Meeting my Publisher’

… I always wanted to say that and when I had that very experience at the weekend at Hay it was surreal.

I know oddly the shoe has been on the other foot because of my role as a publisher, albeit it a very teeny tiny press (but we have done some big things!)  and so I know people have said this about me 🙂 but in the same way I am finding it wonderful working closely with an editor, as I have worked with other writers, I also had the pleasure of ‘meeting my publisher’.

They knew I would be at the festival and had put in some tentative plans for bumping into one another — but mainly I was attending the event by their writers Rachel Trezise and Rebecca Ray where I had promised to say hi.

Now on the Friday evening at the Commonwealth event someone had tapped me on the shoulder and said ,”Are you Debz?” and it turned out he was the intern who I’d planned to say hi to. Must have a recognisable photo on my profile. So when I was standing in line waiting to meet the gorgeous Owen Shears (did I tell you he was GORGEOUS, well he was  GORGEOUS!) someone seemed to be looking at me and he said “Are you Debz?” And it turned out be Richard Davies from Parthian Books! So we arranged to meet and chat.

And we did briefly, after some slight confusion on our part of not meeting in the ‘Artists’ area of the café  — which just shows how I am not quite thinking of myself as someone who could be an ‘Artist’ — but you never know, one day I might be there with my own event at Hay (now let’s not get carried away, Debz!) Anyway we met briefly, I got to meet some of the others too, including Susie who I am friends with on Facebook but hadn’t met.

And then we went off to our events before meeting again at their event. And funny how at the end of hearing the girls talk about their work (and I hope to have something about that on here too) someone else tapped me on the back and said “Are you Debz?” — almost a taste of fame — except this time it was Claire from Parthian. I must really look like that photo then — it’s the memorable hair I suspect.

They were all really lovely 🙂 Sadly I never got to meet Cerys my editor but what a lovely team of people. They all made me feel really welcome.

So we then followed them to the bookshop as I wanted Rachel and Rebecca to sign my books and had a chance to chat about launches and dates etc. I was invited to the pub with them all and I would love to have joined them but by then it was close to 7 and we’d been out all day, leaving the pooch with David and Lynda. Had I been on my own and  not been staying with friends in another village I needed to get back to, or had Rosie to think of I would have joined them for sure. So lovely.

And they said really nice things about my novel — so it was a great buzz.

And talking of buzzes I am almost done with the edit of the new last chapter and I was so in the zone again, I hope they like as much as I’m feelin’ it! I am thinking in a very filmic way and oddly when I was talking about this to Richard, he said he’d be very surprised if someone didn’t want to make a film of it. Now let’s not the jump the gun … but… silent squeal… where’s the wood — someone get me the wood to touch!!!

Well a girl can dream — can’t she?

I mean one day I dared to dream I could say the phrase “I’m meeting my publisher.”

Don’t give up your dreams people. I know we have to be realistic, I know how ruthless the publishing world can be. But for me, it’s all smiles and dreams and lots of hard work. And I won’t stop smiling no matter what happens.

How about you?



Don’t Stop Believing … Got it?




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4 responses to “‘Meeting my Publisher’

  1. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

  2. Paula Readman

    Wow, how wonderful, Debz! To know all your hard work has paid off at last. I’m sure you will have your own event at the Hay sooner than you think. 🙂

  3. Julie-Ann Corrigan

    Yep, I think you will too. And I’ll be there! Can you remember when I emailed you for the Ms sample?! You replied straightaway. Always a shining star. You will have earned your place on the podium at Hay with your hard work and talent.

  4. I love your energy Debz, and one day soon I will see you at Hay too when you are proudly promoting your new book! You encourage me to keep my dreams alive and are a true inspiration for the rest of us ‘artists!’

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