Haysy Dayz …

Those Haysy Dayz ...

Welcome to Hay

Well here I am after a wonderful weekend of all things literary and we had glorious weather too so the wellies stayed in the car. A HUGE thanks as well to Jean who was the driver and great company and Mary for her company and  for sorting it for us to stay with her friends and to her friends of course David and Lynda who live in the lovely village of Glasebury just a couple of miles from Hay and who kindly minded the dog while we went and did bookish things. Also Gill my partner in crime at Bridge House came along so fun was had by all.

Since I seem to have a massive workload to get through this week, before next weekend’s trip to see Bon Jovi, I will keep this short this morning and Blog more specifically about Commonwealth and Parthian later in the week. So consider this more of a summary.

For those that haven’t been to the Hay Festival I highly recommend it, if nothing else but to wander nerdishly with books in hand from stall to stall and to sup while chocolate mocha with your head in a book. But of course, if you can, also try to attend events and get up close to authors talking about their craft, be it from the scientific to the fantastical.

We attended five events — the Commonwealth Prize Giving that I will talk more about on Wednesday — and yes all my favs did win! Woo hoo! Then on Saturday we enjoyed the (sigh) gorgeous Owen Shears, the funny and honest interview of Robert Lindsay, the historical and learned Rose Tremain and finally the highly talented young writers Rachel Trezise and Rebecca Ray, published by Parthian and interviewed by Parthian’s Richard Davies. And I will talk more about meeting my publisher (!!!) on Thursday.

It was a great weekend, that ended with a final visit to the site (and sup more white mocha of course) Sunday morning where we also met up with Jo from the Commonwealth Writers for a quick chat. Then we headed into Hay on the shuttle for lunch with friends and a mooch around yet more bookshops before we finally returned to David and Lynda’s to pack the car and collect the pooch for the drive home.

And pleased to announce that the scenery of the drive did not disappoint and I got to see my beloved red kites hanging majestically over us in Rhaeadar near the feeding station at Gigrin Farm (on both outward and return journeys!).

Then flop on the couch and reliving a great weekend and when can I do it all again — oh yeah — this time next year!

So yes, contented sighs all around and more determined than EVER to be the best writer I can be so maybe one day I’ll be on the other side of the stage at Hay!


(Pause to  dare to dream)

It was wonderful meeting and listening to other writers, and talking of which — I am delighted to announce that tomorrow we have the highly talented, fellow Unthologist A J Ashworth In The Spotlight so you don’t want to miss that — and then for Wednesday and Thursday I will bore you all talking more about about Hay… so watch this space.

Happy days!


Mary, Jean and Debz at Hay ... The Literary Angels?

Mary, Jean and Debz at Hay … The Literary Angels? (where’s Bosley?)


Have a great week everyone!





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  1. Love your outfits, happy writer ladies.

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