… a different kind of buzz …

I recall a few years ago after a long day of sightseeing in San Diego, flopping wearily onto the bed in our motel room and deciding to order a pizza while we relaxed.

At some point while waiting I had drifted into a snooze when I felt someone (or so I thought) shaking the bed violently. I opened my eyes in most likely an accusing manner to see Nikki, my friend on her bed way across the room with her face caught in what I would call a scream. It was the first official earthquake I had been awake or still enough to notice. And when it was over we buzzed with a kind of scared excitement.

In the three months or so I spent in the San Fernando Valley, right over the San Andreas Fault I seemed to have an uncanny knack of missing the earth tremors. Sometimes asleep, sometimes on a bus, and Jan my friend would say “You must’ve felt the one today?” And I’d say “No!” Don’t get me wrong I know the devastation earthquakes can cause so it’s not said flippantly. I just wanted to feel a small one that caused no damage.

And last night I was again shaken awake around 4 am. I didn’t look at the time, I just knew it was light and birds were tweeting but that there sounded like a bus engine parked outside my bedroom window and at one point; the point I was rudely awakened, my headboard was juddering the way a bus vibrates. I jumped out of bed and said to the cats, “What was that?” I then went to the windows, front and back — no bus or van parked outside.

I did wonder but I thought maybe I was dreaming. The cats were looking at me weird, like I’d done something!  Er … no! I did even wonder if there had been a van outside and maybe the juddering was the cats scratching in tandem and shaking the bed– but unless I had full-grown tigers on my bed — it was an unlikely scenario.

I did, needless to say, fall back to sleep. And this morning it might all have been a dream had I not turned on my phone to see a Facebook Post from a friend saying “Only I could sleep through an earthquake.”

Ah I thought.


Oh … yes. Ah indeed.

Rosie didn’t seem to hear it or if she did, she didn’t care.

Now this isn’t a post about writing or reading. But it did make me think, at 4 am how fragile we all are. How small we all are. Can you imagine the power of something like that that shakes the earth and this was only a small one.

And in a funny odd sadistic kind of way, I enjoyed the feeling.

I think I will need to use that in a story some time.

Oh life is really a buzz sometimes …. literally.



BBC News — here’s the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-22699004

Expect the unexpected…


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  1. Will make a good story one day Debz.

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