Being student, being teacher … the editing loop

I’ve spoken before about the concept of paying it forward, how I sometimes find myself giving people good news in my roles for BHP, CafeLit and Paws n Claws and so when I am lucky enough to receive good news it almost feels more earned.

This week I find myself in another odd little loop where in the mornings I’m working on the edits of While No One Was Watching and in the afternoons being the editor.

We all need an editor, that’s what I am really passionate about. I guess I am more clued up than some in terms of editing because of my job so indeed there are not too many edits or suggestions, my work is pretty polished, BUT the ones my lovely editor gave me are indeed valid and make sense. It does make a difference, and especially for those starting out. I so wanted this and I am so delighted to have this kind of one on one line by line copy editing. Having given this to others for so long, I love to have it given back.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many writers and often get lovely feedback. Only this week the biggish publisher I do a lot of work for sent me a lovely response from an author whose MS I recently worked on and he wants me again! It not only makes me feel fab, but it validates what I do. I am a professional editor since I am paid to do this and it’s my job — but I still don’t think of myself as that! I am an author first. What me? A professional editor? Oh yes — me. How’d that happen? (Am I really, though?)

What I’m saying is the editor. just because it’s another set of ‘trained’ eyes sees what you don’t. And like so many books where the author acknowledges their editor for making the book what it is (I love to read the Acknowledgements section) I will be doing the very same thing. God I’m just excited to be in this position. Can you tell?

So maybe my life is hinged very much on this whole paying it forward thing, I help you, you help me — we all help each other.

And that’s the way it should be.

So to end, and talking of helping, next Friday I am off to Hay, but not till lunchtime so I will be holding Fiction Clinic, and so this is the plan — I will only edit one 500 word piece here on-line on my page so it will be the first that comes and send me something you know isn’t working — maybe you don’t know why. I will use the first one I get, and any others can be saved for another time.

Please email them over before Thursday to


Be Happy

Thanks and have an amazing weekend y’all!


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One response to “Being student, being teacher … the editing loop

  1. You are indeed a great editor Debz, watch this space when I get my novel published:)))

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