Spinning Sugar

After an interesting meeting with the writing group last might and an open session where the evening’s focus was more on the MS readings, it never ceases to amaze me how diverse our talents are as a group. We have talented poets and writers of prose, some beginners, some published, but every one doing it. Giving into their muses and creating something from nothing.

I love this concept of  conjuring something from nothing but a seed, spinning sugar into a bag of something much bigger and then feeling it melt on the tongue and become part of you.

Where does this creativity come from? Is it something born within us all or is something we nurture, develop? Probably a combination of both. As children with minds waiting to be to melded we are like sponges and play taps into that wonderful creative pot we all have inside of us. I love my interactions with children, how furtive their imaginations are. I can think of nothing more wonderful that sitting beside a child on one of my workshops, one who tells me he/she’s stuck on what happens next, I ask “What do you think could happen next?” and this whole amazing story unfolds like a bright light in their eyes. They know exactly what happens next but they needed someone like me to listen.

So guys — listen and watch the magic unfold. Really.

Some of us still learn to dip into that pot of gold, those who pursue a writing career, many of us visit it once in a while in a dream — but in reality it’s still there and nothing’s forgotten. I can lose hours sat here at my desk dipping into that pot and sometimes I fall right inside it. What a way to spend my life. How blessed am I?

Sure it’s hard work getting the words right, but wonderfully rewarding at the same time. Story is what shapes and forms from the way you lay the words down. Right? Great words without a story is something else. I for one seek a story that twists itself so closely to the gyri of my brain it’s hard to believe it was never there. Lots of things were read at the group last night, some will be forgotten quickly, some will sit in my head. A good story is there forever.  And I have two missions in life: to find those stories someone else has spun from sugar and turned them into gold so now they become part of me, and to write stories spun from sugar and turned into gold. To tap into someone’s psyche so now my story is part of them.

How amazing is that?

I am truly blessed to finally do what I love doing every day. Truly. What about you?



What will you spin from sugar today?


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One response to “Spinning Sugar

  1. I love the magic you’ve spun into this post Debz, gives me ideas for where I’d got stuck a while ago.

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