Adventures on the way to publication …

Welcome to another week and I’m ready to take it on 🙂

Friday saw my copy-edit come back from Parthian Books  — mostly small things, easily corrected and one or two places where I might expand or clarify. What is also great is my editor also worked as a journalist which means she was able to cast a critical eye over the authenticity of my reporter character.

I always has some slight reservations about the way it ends and this is also something an agent friend said to me. Not that it doesn’t work but it needs more wow factor and here I mean in the final scene more than what actually happens plot wise at the end.

The editor made a suggestion and I liked it right away. Not necessarily what she thought I ought to do right at the end but I can see it might well work as the last chapter, a change of location. It’s been dancing around my head ever since. She said to think of it as the last scene of a film and the way it ends now wouldn’t work. Since I see everything I write in a very filmic way this made a whole lot of sense to me. And something someone else said about who narrates the ending — I have this idea that might or might not work so I think I will tell the same thing from more than one viewpoint and see what works best. This is what I was waiting for,  and welcomed — another editor’s opinion to make this as good as it can be. Otherwise the edits are small so nothing major. But it shows how important editing is and since I am normally the one editing, so nice for it to be the other way round! I think we all need to be open to change and suggestions if they make it stronger. So I say bring it on.

But all this has got me excited so this is now my writing work for the next week or so.

I’ll keep you posted.

I also hope to see some sort of ideas for the cover soon  as well. I was told they had mocked one up to take to a sales meeting. The very fact they would be talking about my novel at a sales meeting excited me!

I will let you know as I have news to share.

So, best get editing then …

Have a great week everyone!

Never Give UP


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One response to “Adventures on the way to publication …

  1. Exciting times Debz, have fun!

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