Keeping your feet on the ground … while inside you’re dancing

The process of getting recognition as you strive for success is your validation.

It’s proof you’re on the right track.

We all seek it. Don’t we?

But we must not get complacent.

Every small success, every positive  comment about your work should be held dear. And every bad  comment or suggestion should be taken in as you strive to be as good as you can be. Don’t disregard any constructive feedback. Everything can be better.

It’s a continual learning process and no matter how much success you get, perhaps becoming that best-selling one in a million writer that does have that ultimate validation — in truth, no one is without flaws and everyone is still learning.

I think it’s vital to enjoy and celebrate the successes because along the way there will be many rejections. If you can’t handle that, best go do something else instead.

But you will handle it if you see it as a way to improve — at all times. Just keep going.

I like to think we never stop learning and so need to retain that humility that nothing is a given.

It’s true that statement, accredited to a few that say ‘the harder you work, the luckier you get.’ Keep learning and keep looking at ways to get better.

I am in the process of really going back to the proverbial drawing board with the I Am Wolf novel to look at weaknesses of plot. voice, what kind of book I set out to write and what it turned into and do I want it like this? When I look at it as a whole I know it’s miles better than anything I was capable of when I started writing and better than some of the MSS I sent out back then too! Now I won’t let it go until it’s as good as I think I can make it — and even then I will have Welsh Books Council critique it for me — they were great with the last one, I mean really great 🙂 and then after further revision only then will it be submitted.

I think it’s naive to send lesser drafts out and I was naive back then. Now I know different.

Is it going to be easy? Of course not. And just because I have my first novel signed doesn’t guarantee anything. So while I have been dancing a lot lately, my feet are still very much on the ground. Most of the time!

It’s the process I love and a life without a goal for me is no life at all. So those that tell me they hate editing — again, go do something else.

For me — if I don’t love something, I don’t do it. I am all or nothing and I strongly believe it’s the passion that fuels us to do whatever it takes to be better, to be as good as we can be. Without it, I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.

But hey there is a massive road ahead and it’s paved with many rejections. But you can bet it’s where you’ll find me — last man standing. Because one thing you should know about me by now — is I never give up.

And nor should you.

We are always so close to a small miracle every day. Make it happen.

Welcome to another amazing week everyone!

Small steps, big dreams ...

Small steps, big dreams …

Always believe anything is always possible.

That’s my life’s philosophy. What’s yours?



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4 responses to “Keeping your feet on the ground … while inside you’re dancing

  1. I agree that almost anything can be improved – and about hard work making us luckier!

  2. My feet are well and truly on the ground Debz and I’m having a ‘noddy in the park momen’t with my novel. I have to find an editor. Are you too busy now you’re working on I am Wolf…..?

  3. Hi Susan, I am working on the novel but in the afternoons I also have to do the paid work! I have a novel MS on its way from a publisher to edit, some shorts lined up and more expected but I am always needing to work. Why don’t you inbox me with more information and I can possibly offer you a full critique or a copy edit depending what stage you’re at? I can give you prices anyway! Special rates as well for friends, Debz 🙂

  4. Wise words as always Debz! I love my work nowadays, and even though I’m struggling with my current WIP, it will not defeat me and it will one day be good enough to publish and share with the world… In the meantime I continue to learn, improve and grow (in more ways than one!)

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