That Friday feeling every day of the week …

… and none so more than today as I have been letting the young winners of the Paws competition know! So exciting 🙂 Full list of names on the website at 2 pm.

I feel as if bringing good news to writers and in fact the way I have been receiving good news myself as well lately, gives me the wonderful feeling of ‘paying it forward.’  I feel part of one giant exciting bubble with news coming in and going out in all directions and it’s like — wonderful!!! Truly wonderful.

And know what I think that’s all I’m gonna say today.

Just been tweaking emails to go out this afternoon and now I plan to spend the whole day writing and checking facts etc in the I Am Wolf novel.

So have a great weekend everyone and see you Monday!

Oh and one other thing, I had Rebecca Raisin In The Spotlight a few weeks back and her novel has now been signed and will be published later this year so I will ask her on again to talk more about it! Isn’t the good news just buzzing!!! Here’s her post:

Love life, love one another …

Rosie says hi!

Rosie says hi! And whatever it is — she didn’t do it!



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2 responses to “That Friday feeling every day of the week …

  1. Love the picture of Rosie!

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