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Well you all know, or most of you, that I am a great advocate for using our craft for good causes — and that means not just in making money from charity books — as you all know I have done in both my roles for Bridge House and Paws n Claws — but also in the message we can convey in our writing. In fact in many ways this is what it’s really about. I barely break even with Wild n Free, but it’s the message that we get through to the children that counts the most.

Since animals are so dear to my heart it was Gentle Footprints that started it all and then we have raised funds at Bridge House for several different causes. Buy the book here: LINK

And of course Paws and Claws has always been about the animals, but in that case in bringing the message to children.

I had hoped to announce winners and runners-up in the Paws competition today but it looks like it might be next week — I am in the hands of my very busy judges so please bear with me.

For those that don’t know about our picture books with all profits to Born Free, please do take a look at The Jet-Set here:

And of course I will soon be putting together Wild n Free Too.  It also seems to be taking an age of missed  calls and lost emails to sort the venue for the December launch but I think we might be nearly there.

But did you also know it’s Rhino Day! May Day?

I have been working with a new publisher, having initially been consulted to help because of my experience with animal charity books and was then asked to contribute — which is the elephant story I wrote for them recently.

Springbok Publications has a Facebook Page and a website so do take a look — and they are looking for other submissions too (not just animals).

Website: LINK

Facebook Page: LINK (please LIKE this page to keep up to date.)

The collection of wild animal stories is set for release at the end of the year too — so looks like I’m gonna be a busy girl with lots of book launches !!!

I will tell you more about this special book and its launch when I have more information, perhaps also inviting some extracts and appearances by some of the contributors, and there are writers from all over the world, it’s a collection of adult short stories a little like Gentle Footprints, but this one also has poems in as well!. The publisher is originally from South Africa and there are some SA writers in there as well. I think it’s going to be a lovely Christmas present and what’s more we are all working for free and ALL profits as soon as they cover their initial costs will go directly to Save the Rhino. We have all agreed to forfeit any free copies so the money goes where it’s needed the most. I am thrilled that Conrad approached me to be involved and we have a very famous person doing the foreword (nod nod wink wink).

Have a look at this link all about today and what needs to be done to protect the rhino: this is written by the publisher Conrad and I think it needs to be read, please spare a couple of minutes … LINK

I think it’s great we can use our writing to change the way people think, especially creative writing. It’s a wonderful gift because as I tell the children I work with in my Paws workshops, creative writing is a wonderful way to develop empathy, to become someone or something else. And by doing so we also allow readers to do the same. There aren’t a huge number of animal books for adults so I am delighted to be part of something like this again. At Bridge House I still see Gentle Footprints as my proudest achievement 🙂

And I always think if you can change the thinking of one person then it’s been worth it but we hope we reach a lot further than that.

Please support this project and this book and they hope it will run again next year, so you never know — you might also be invited to contribute.

Have a lovely day all 🙂

Please support us ...

Please support us … spare a thought for the animals


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