Wot no In The Spotlight?


I really hoped you have all enjoyed this series so far when I have talked to new and some well established writers about their writing lives and there journeys to success. I think what stands out above all else is the need for utter determination and resilience — never to give up.

I intend to continue this series and I still hope to have an agent on here too — he is just so busy at the moment. But I want to get all perspectives and welcome anyone who wants to have a week in the spotlight to tell us about your journey and latest book/publication.

I am also approaching some other well-known authors so we might have a month’s break and then resume so please do let me know if you have someone in mind and I’ll approach them.

I had an interesting conversation with some members of the novel group last month about ‘luck.’ A casual comment was made about being lucky this year. Well I did always say 13 was a lucky number for me and this would be the year. But I would argue it isn’t all down to luck. Not the same way a winning number is pulled out on the lottery — right? I think I prefer the idea of something finding itself in the right place at the right time. The novel that appears in the agent’s pile that is exactly what he knows Headline is looking for, for example. A touch of serendipity perhaps? But if that novel is badly written and or a poor story, even if it fits the genre sought, it isn’t getting signed, so it has to be good too — right?

So while all sorts of wonderful fate, luck, serendipitous interventions might be at work, if you didn’t put in the hard work, it’s unlikely to be enough on its own. And this point I made at the meeting. When you put in as many hours honing the craft as we all do, luck seems a little frivolous an explanation for success — doesn’t it?

What do you think?

Well today I shall continue to read through my novel — I have a few tentative notes for the editor and captured one or two tiny typos. But I await further edits. After all I want this book to be the absolute best it can be. I also have another idea percolating for the next novel. I had the idea some time ago but not its found itself bubbling closer to the surface. But I have another 2 first drafts of novels and an old one wanting rework too. Isn’t it nice these are the kind of dilemmas I face. Could be a lot worse.

Have a great day all and sorry for no In The Spotlight this week. I plan to resume in June.

And also I am still waiting for the winners and runners-up in  the Paws Competition for anyone waiting to hear. The ‘Big’ judges are also busy so while I suggested May 1st — nothing has arrived yet.

 Funny how the really ‘lucky people’ are also usually the ones that worked the hardest …

The first thing I had published was in this book back in 2008. So much has happened since ...

The first thing I had published was in this book back in 2008. So much has happened since …



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One response to “Wot no In The Spotlight?

  1. Luck does play a part, I feel – but there’s no use having luck if we don’t also have work out there. No one is likely to be so lucky a publisher will hack their computer and search for our writing.

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