Oh what a wonderful life!

I am on a journey. One that started many years ago and became more of a hobby, until that was it had to break free and slowly took over my life.

I remember the looks on faces when I sat in the canteen at the pharmaceutical company where I worked, when I announced how I was writing a novel. Some found it interesting, most thought it was ‘a bit weird’ BUT no one could have predicted the obsession that would follow. Could I? Yes probably, it’s the way I am 🙂

I am indeed a person of all or nothing and I believe it’s obsession that comes from passion that is what we all need to succeed. I have met many people in my life who either seem to have no apparent passion for anything in particular or they have moments of great enthusiasm and passion but all their hobbies are short-lived. One thing you need in anything if you wish to succeed is not only an all-consuming passion but real with ‘staying power’.  You have to keep going, no matter what. Even in the face of rejection. But become a sponge to learn and to keep learning and the learning will go on forever. That’s what makes it exciting.

I know I have said this before but everything in life is about perception. Even when things seem bad you can lie down and cry about it or you can brush yourself off and see it as another rejection closer to acceptance — right?

I love my life and I know I have said it many times. But I truly really honestly do love writing as a day job. I don’t think I was ever any good with being told what to do. I like being my own manager; the Boss of Me 🙂  It’s very empowering.

Yesterday was a great day and my house is now up for sale (yikes) and I make plans to move (I said this would be a BIG year) and I am wending my way to Essex later to spend a week with the family. I do come with a big paper MS in hand from one of my client publishers for copy editing (I never really stop!). But good news: my contract finally came back from Parthian yesterday with the first part of my advance. I keep looking at it and thinking — so this is real then? There is a part of me that says ‘so it’s really officially official then?’ I think when you want something so much you never totally believe it’s true — probably not until I have that book in my hand!

No matter what you do and where you are on your own personal journey, whether you’re a reader or a writer, and if you’re like I was getting up at the crack of dawn and working the equivalent of two day jobs when I had to work at ‘that place’ — if you truly want your dream, you have to see it in your mind and do everything you can to make it come true. You. Will. Find. A. Way.

But if someone knocks you (as they did me at ‘that place’) for being ‘a bit odd’ smile the biggest smile you have and thank them because it’s good to be different. It’s what makes you stand out — right? It’s what writers are. And if they think you’re ‘too obsessed’ with writing, remind them kindly that no one succeeds by being any less. And thank them for noticing — it all bodes well to achieving your goal.

One final thing, I sent out my press releases to local papers yesterday about the novel and the Commonwealth Prize, I’d written the basic one long before I got the publisher (that is what you have to do if you believe in The Secret) but I was waiting for a quote from the publisher. But the delay might have been a good thing as I was able to mention the  competition as well. And there is one small naughty and slightly gloating part of me (not a good trait — I know, sorry) that wonders what some of those ex-colleagues that doubted me will think when they read it. Okay so I am smiling and it’s a little sly … but hey they thought it was a ‘pipe dream’ — they said I needed to channel that kind of passion into my day job and not into my writing.

I’m glad I didn’t listen.


Have a great day all.

I love my job!

I love my job!




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2 responses to “Oh what a wonderful life!

  1. People thought I was a bit odd even before I started writing. Maybe it helps if we are?

  2. Odd is better than being a crowd follower.

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