Choosing covers …

I talked the other week about covers and in fact we shared a few here. The cover says a lot about the book and I am very lucky that I share the same vision with Parthian about the cover I want for While No One Was Watching.I always had an idea in my mind what I thought would work and when we talked last week he too suggested something along the same lines — something that captures the essence of the book in a photo and looks very ‘American.’ I also have some ideas about blending black and white with colour imagery.

So I have been asked to look through various photographic libraries this week and I can’t quite believe it! How exciting. While the final decision will be theirs, it’s nice to have some creative input; something it’s unlikely I’d have got with one of the BIG 6, right?

So having finished the first draft of I Am Wolf (although I will revisit the last chapter briefly today) we now move on with this …

I won’t say too much about the cover yet as it’s early days and I want to give it the big reveal at some stage.

I seem really busy at the moment with projects starting, others finishing, lots of work that I seem to have said I’d do before Easter so now I have to plough on. But as you all know I love it 🙂

I should also be able to reveal the runners-up in the Paws Competition either this weekend or Monday 🙂

So I will keep this brief so can work … but have a great day all 🙂

I Am Wolf

Learning to be Wolf


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  1. Aaaw, love the baby wolf.

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