Business as usual …

Well what a lot can happen in a week! I think I am back on track, still reeling from having to rewrite a chapter and the beginning of the next one as I was happy with them and it’s impossible to word them the same. But minimal losses given everything and exactly a week on I am up and running and have redone anything else that needed it. Back on track.

And I hope to finish the first draft of I Am Wolf this week, really excited about that.

Remember Fiction Clinic is looming, end of next week for anyone that wants to email me 500 word samples for a bit of online critting.

I am excited to welcome Gill James to the Spotlight tomorrow as she really did a lot to put me on the right path, the one I’m on now, being the person who first really believed in my writing. Should be an interesting interview.

Well since work calls I am keeping this short and sweet this morning. I am also very excited that I have writing group tonight … will be lovely to bring good news (but not in a braggy way, well maybe in a modestly braggy way, okay in a braggy way.) Shame on me.

Also will have some good news for our young Paws writers later this week/early next week I hope as I should have the short list before Easter of who made it into Wild n Free Too and then winners should be announced in April!

And by the way Essex people, if there are any of your following this, as well as a North Wales launch in October/November, I have already made plans for an Essex launch on Canvey Island on Friday November 22nd, the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination so put the date in your diary. I am also hoping to do a bit of a book signing tour 🙂

That is all. Have an amazing fabulous writing week y’all!

Get ready to celebrate!

Get ready to celebrate!



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4 responses to “Business as usual …

  1. All great news Debz. Look forward to Gill’s interview. Thanks for the fiction clinic, will email something to you if that’s o.k.

    • Hi Susan,
      Thanks for the comments and yes please do email me something for Fiction Clinic! That would be lovely 🙂 Debz

      • Hi Debz,
        Here’s my fiction clinic piece. I don’t think I’ve sent this one in before. It’s on youwriteon it’s meant to be for 8 – 10 year old’s. The point of the story is that not all foster parents are good ones. Some are baddies.
        CHAPTER 1
        Magdalene meets Timothy.

        From the bushes, Timothy watched the short stocky lady with orange spiky hair. The burns stung his arms through his thin wooly jumper. He’d heard stories of a gypsy witch who lived up on the heath; now he saw for himself. Today was the day he’d run away. Even if he got into trouble, it wouldn’t be as bad as living with the Chorley’s.

        The moonlight shone over the smoldering campfire and a barn- owl hooted overhead. Timothy was scared but excited at the same time. She was doing a dance and reciting poetry. The words were muffled, he leaned an inch closer.
        “Aarghh, oowwch, help!”
        Timothy shouted as he fell headlong into the nettles and brambles.

        “What the heck?” Magdalene, startled by Timothy’s ungainly entrance marched across to where he lay buried among the thorny bushes. “You were spying?”
        “No, I was just passing, I fell.”
        “Just passing through a hedge?”
        Timothy lifted his sleeve up to check the scratches. That’s when Magdalene noticed the blotches covering his lower arms.

        “What happened to your arm?”
        “Nuthink, don’t be nosey, you old witch.” He scrambled to his feet, but they were tangled so badly, he fell back down again.
        “You fell through the hedge spying on me. I was doing an important spell. It’s ruined now.”
        Timothy kicked at the shrubbery that was entangled around his ankles.
        “Magic, do me some magic then, and get rid of two scabby foster parents who treat me like a servant.”

        “You could tell me about it?” She gestured for Timothy to come and sit by the fire in her camp.
        “Not really. Nobody believes me. They’re the foster parents from hell. They cover it all up, and tell people I’m a boy with special needs, only I’m not.”
        Timothy eyed Magdalene with suspicion.
        “Come and have some chicken casserole, it’s warmer by the fire. You should clean those cuts. The burns look painful. What happened?”
        “I already told you, either him or her, depends what they want me to do. If I don’t do it straight away, or the way they want it doing they stub their cigs on my arms. I‘m not going back there, so don‘t bother trying to talk me into it.”
        “No, I won’t.” Magdalene sat on her chair, and lit her white clay pipe. She puffed on the liquorice tobacco in silence.

        Magdalene lived in the woods at the top of the heath in the village of Mullsey. She’d used money from the sale of her house to buy a colorful gypsy wagon. It was green, with red and yellow windows.

        It hadn’t taken long to find and purchase the wagon. She knew exactly where she wanted to park it. Farmer Harry Denning had taken some convincing, but a few pints in the Flying Horse had sealed the deal. Now he’d got a resident gypsy lady complete with wagon and Brandy Snap the horse as his neighbour.
        500 wds approx.
        Thank you.

  2. Hi Debz, Let me know time & place & we’ll be there. BTW, it’s my son, Stewart’s birthday too.

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