Still dancing …

I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments yesterday. I still can’t believe it’s finally happened! I will post about the process (NOT to brag about it please understand) but I thought the posts might be useful, some insights into the process.

Well I was still dancing yesterday but I was also busy catching up after the computer issues too.

Indeed Patsy is quite right about backing up your work — that is a lesson for us all.

Please folks make sure you do.

I have an external hard drive and a computer program called GoodSynch that synchronizes folders as I work so I don’t even have to really think about it. Sadly for some reason the program didn’t seem to work at the end of the last week so the last 2-3 days of work hadn’t synchronized (Sod’s Law?) but at least I had most of it. I am in the process of upgrading to make sure the new program does what it’s meant to but thank God I do back-up every day.

I also use Dropbox. It’s an online ‘cloud’ type function we use in publishing to share large files, for example with my graphic designer. You can create folders in it and you can share with others as well. While it appears as another file on your computer that you can drop folders into, you can also log into it online from any computer and your files will be there. I have decided to do this as well with important docs like my novel as an added measure in case the external drive was to fail as well. These things happen.

It’s bad enough having to rewrite a chapter, but imagine having to rewrite the whole novel 😦


Anyway I will keep this brief as work calls but thanks again and I will be Blogging (on request) tomorrow about Unreliable Narrators and in fact since people have also asked about the novel, I can do this at the same time as While No One Was Watching started life as a short story, using three first person narrators, all unreliable and actually I wrote an essay for my MA about that very thing. The novel, like the short story is in three parts but I use two first person narrators The Reporter and The Psychic and return to The Reporter for part three as a change in narrator so close to the end, to a whole new person didn’t quite work in a novel.

It’s the Kennedy novel and I will talk to you more about it tomorrow.

Have a great writing day all!

A lovely photo that was taken by Lee ... I like to think he is smiling this week

A lovely photo that was taken by my Lee … I like to think he is smiling for sure this week




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4 responses to “Still dancing …

  1. Lucy Oliver

    It would be very interesting to hear about your publishing journey! And that’s a beautiful picture that Lee took, I love the colours.

  2. Cannot wait to hear about the process of getting published. Lovely photo! Enjoy your ‘high’! 🙂

  3. Brilliant Photo by Lee… Loving the colours. Looking forward to hearing all about your book.

  4. That photo has brought a tear to my eye Debz and the thought that your Lee is watching over you.xx

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