In The Spotlight Guest Author Catherine Green



In The Spotlight the talented novelist Catherine Green

This week I welcome Catherine who I first met through Bridge House and she has gone on to have great successes  currently releasing her third novel is a series, so big warm welcome …



Introduce yourself: Tell us who you are, where you work (if applicable), what you do…

Hello! I am Catherine Green, a married mother of one currently expecting my second child. With my daughter starting at playschool very soon, I am developing a freelance business offering professional writing services alongside being an author.


Have you always wanted to be a published writer? Tell us something about your path to having your first novel published. Have you had other things published first?

I used to dream about being an author, back when I visited the local library every Saturday morning as a child. Back then I never thought it could be possible. A chance conversation with my younger sister around four years ago spurred me into action, and now I am on the wild ride! While writing my first novel I began to explore the options for publishing, and one suggestion was to enter competitions to have short stories published. I had already written a couple of stories, and lo and behold, I came across Bridge House Publishing. They accepted my short vampire story for their anthology Devils, Demons and Werewolves, and that was me published. Hooray! I quickly followed up with a werewolf story in The Mirador Fantasmagoria, which led to my first publishing contract when they asked if I had any longer manuscripts to submit.


Do you have an agent? If not did you try to get one? Any advice about that?

I don’t have an agent, and yes I did submit my synopsis to quite a few. I consulted the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, which is considered one of the best guides in the industry. To be honest I am still undecided about whether I really need an agent. I am managing well enough on my own, but at the same time I wonder if an agent could put me in touch with one of the ‘big 6’ publishing houses where I might have access to a decent advertising budget to get my name recognized internationally. I will keep submitting to those I feel are appropriate, but I won’t hold my breath. So far I am learning that having an agent doesn’t automatically lead to the kind of success we might imagine. There are all sorts of hoops to jump through, and half the time it probably isn’t worth the effort. Ultimately it’s a personal choice, and one I am still exploring,


Do you belong to a writing group? Crit group? Have you had someone professionally critique your novel before submitting or publishing? How was that? Would you do it again?

No I don’t belong to any groups, but my editor at Mirador Publishing did critique my manuscript for the first book Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel). She very kindly set me straight on a few things and helped me to learn a lot about what is required, for which I am extremely grateful. Other than that I use what I have learned from reading blogs like this one, and educational books on the subject. I am fortunate in that I have a natural aptitude for the written word, and so I am confident in the quality of my work.


Did you have your book accepted by a traditional publisher or choose self-publishing? If self-publishing, tell us about that choice, why you made it. If traditional, when you found out, who was the first person you told?

My publisher is a hybrid. Mirador is a partnership publisher, or at least they were when they published my first two books. They have since moved more into the self-publishing market, and I like the model they offer. I have the freedom to input what I want for my books, but the publisher can provide all the services of formatting, printing and creating artwork. It saved me a lot time and effort, leaving me free to focus on marketing and writing my subsequent novels.

What happened next? What was the editing process like and how long did it take? 

The editing process was very educational for me, and it only took a few months. I was accepted in January 2011, and by June I saw publication of my debut novel. On a personal note, that was also the year I bore my first child. I don’t do things by halves! I have subsequently returned to Mirador to publish my second novel, and now my third. I have a good relationship with my editor and I find the company very satisfactory.

How much marketing have you had to do and how have book sales been?

I have to do a lot of marketing, and I am always thinking of ways to improve it and gain a wider platform to grow my audience. Book sales have been steady, and while I have sold several hundred of each book so far, I am not happy with it and will not stop until I am an international bestseller! Unfortunately I don’t have available funds for a comprehensive advertising campaign, so I am learning the best ways to use the Internet and any other appropriate methods.

Tell us about the novel …

OK. Well, Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel) is the third in my Redcliffe series and is hot off the press …

Set in Cornwall, England, the Redcliffe novels follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she unwittingly falls in love with a vampire, becomes entangled with his identical twin brother’s werewolf pack, and then discovers she is a witch.

Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel) – Book 3

Adjusting to life with vampires and werewolves, Jessica Stone is learning about being a witch. Love is painful. Life is difficult. It is never boring.


Life has changed forever in Redcliffe, Cornwall. Jessica Stone used to be a normal, happy human. Now she is an angry, conflicted and confused witch. It all happened when she met Detective Jack Mason and his identical twin brother Danny. Jessica almost died twice, fell into a love triangle, and she became a murderer. Now she faces the ultimate challenge as she continues the fight to save the man she loves, while simultaneously struggling with her lust for his werewolf brother and their vampire friend. Can she survive, or will love finally end her life completely?

Buy here: LINK


What next? Tell us about work in progress and aspirations.  Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

I see myself as the next Darren Shan or JK Rowling. Well, surely they have to retire at some point and make room for the next big British sensation? A girl can dream, but this girl is making it happen! I am currently working on a separate manuscript about a vampire hunter who discovers she is a fallen angel. I am also touting another novella to publishers that features one of the vampires from my Redcliffe novels, and I will soon begin writing book 4 in the Redcliffe series. I also have a vampire novel to edit that I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2012 and was pleasantly surprised by. One of my goals for 2013 is to have more short stories published, and I have begun by submitting to a dark fairytale anthology. Fingers crossed I get accepted…

Any advice for writers who are trying to get their work published?

You can make it happen! Everyone can get published, but if you want staying power you have to submit the very best quality that you can provide. Research everything you can about your genre, your audience, and the kind of publishers and agents that you hope to attract. Never dismiss a potential contact or networking opportunity, and above all else, make sure you work with social media. It really is the way to go with the eBook revolution, so we might as well embrace it and move forward.

Tell us something random about you for the pure hell of it

I love dolls’ houses!


Finally: can we post an extract of your novel? 

An excerpt from Love Kills


Sally opened a door further along the corridor.

“This is Danny’s-” she said, and then stopped abruptly.

I looked into the room to see Danny and Simon sharing a passionate kiss in front of a desk.  They both jumped apart and then smiled sheepishly at us and I gasped in surprise.

Sally finished, “-office.  Sorry boys I didn’t know we were interrupting!” she said with a smile and a wink.

I stood awkwardly in the doorway, and Simon stepped away from the desk rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand.  Danny ruffled a hand through his hair in a gesture identical to his brother, and then he stepped forward, smiling.

“Jessica,” he said warmly, “it’s good to see you here.  I was going to meet you upstairs but I got waylaid.” He looked meaningfully at Simon, who blushed and ducked his head.

I glanced at Sally who just smiled, walked into the room, and sat on the sofa adjacent to the desk, where Simon was now sitting.  I was confused.  She didn’t seem at all bothered by their behaviour even though I knew she was in love with Danny.  This must be a wolf thing.  I cleared my throat and looked at Danny.

“Yeah I bumped into Sally upstairs and she brought me down,” I said, “Should I leave?”

Danny shook his head and moved towards me.

“No of course not,” he said, “Simon and me were just discussing some pack business.  Actually, Simon could you tell Sally please?  I will give Jessica a tour.”        Simon nodded and turned his attention to Sally, and I followed Danny out into the corridor.

© Catherine Green, reproduced with kind permission of the author



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I will also add that Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel) is currently free to read on Wattpad as a promotional offer. Take a look if you are interested…


The Books …



Thanks so much for sharing Catherine and we look forward to your continued success … apologies for no Blog post yesterday, my computer died and the hard drive needed replacing … I will Blog about later this week, luckily I back-up but a copy-edit that was almost ready to send was lost and I have to do it all again 😦 but it could’ve been a lot worse!

I have wonderful news to share soon as well … so watch this space.

Next week we welcome to the spotlight my talented business partner and successful YA novelist Gill James



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7 responses to “In The Spotlight Guest Author Catherine Green

  1. Nice covers. Very distinctive.

  2. Thank you for the interview Debz, and thank you Patsy for your comment!

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  4. Don Nixon

    Like the covers and admire your persistence. I am about to srart my second novel – a sequel to RANSOM – after lots of short stories and poetry and at the moment it looks a long road ahead. I am encouraged by your example. I agree with you about getting an agent.

    • Thanks for commenting Don, and I’m glad the interview gave you some encouragement. It’s so easy to be put down by people when it comes to being an Indie author. Just remember, your fans are out there, and you can have fun connecting with them!

  5. They sound good reads, thanks for a great interview.

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