Pinch Punch …

A new month, an old week …


So we have Fiction Clinic (although we haven’t for a while but please remember I do want extracts for that) — last Friday of the month. We now have In The Spotlight on Tuesdays and by the way if you’re recently had a full length work of fiction or for that matter non-fiction, like a memoir, or a collection of short stories published and would like to be In The Spotlight then please do email me.

But now I’m thinking of something to do on the first of the month … any ideas? A give-away? A writing challenge? What would you like me to do on the Blog that I haven’t yet? A quiz? Please do let me know — or how about a Q and A session, Ask the Editor?  What about a submissions and successes board for me to post how everyone has done with latest subs? Or what about a feature about your writing group?

I am interested to know as I do try to vary what I Blog about and anything that’s writing related that you think might help or be interesting, just let me know.

So it’s St David’s Day — not that I know when any saints days are normally — shame on me — but apparently it is. And the daffodil does seem to conjure beginnings. New Year’s wipes the slate, resets the dial, March says ‘Hey Spring is on its way!’ … some stories end, new ones begin right?

So pinch punch — it’s a new page in the diary, a new picture on the calendar and a tinge of excitement in the air. And it’s almost the weekend. I am also writing the climax of the new novel so it seems endings and beginnings often do indeed get blurred.

I love Saturdays. I try not to turn on the computer if I can. It’s the only day I try to relax — meet a friend  in the morning – there is nothing like breakfast out, then I do the shopping but then I relax and read and snooze in the afternoon. I also eat naughty things! Sunday I try to relax but it’s nearly always the day I catch up on admin and fit in Bridge House stuff if it’s needed. And also eat naughty things! Mustn’t forget that!

I used to long for the weekend because of how much I hated my day job. Now it’s not that all — but we all need down time and I see it as a battery recharge. It’s like when you leave a MS and come back to it — refreshed eyes make a massive difference 🙂

Weekends for me restore the default settings — house cleaned, rubbish collected, bird feeders filled, cupboards re-stocked, clothes washed and then a pamper so hair washed, nails painted — get the idea. No matter how busy the week has been, the weekend puts everything right.

I think it’s a good philosophy — what about you?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Virginia McKenna and Brian May at Hay when we launched Gentle Footprints.

Virginia McKenna and Brian May at Hay when we launched Gentle Footprints June 4th 2010



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2 responses to “Pinch Punch …

  1. I think we need to take some time away from our job, even if it’s something we love doing.

  2. Lucy Oliver

    I probably shouldn’t do fiction clinic anymore as it’s a bit unfair since I’ve had so many pieces done! Would you like me to tweet it though?

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