A lovely walk …

It’s another Monday morning, but a crisp one at that, and there is a definite hint of Spring in the air. It’s going to be a great day.

I was pondering as I walked Rosie, in my little village edged with mountains, at what a different life I have now to the one I had a few years ago. And I mean in every possible sense a better life.

While I now have plans to move back closer to the parents (it will be hard in many ways to leave the mountains) working for myself not only makes life feel so much more fulfilling, it is liberating. I can work from anywhere.

I like the hint of Spring I felt in the air this morning. I like the way the world resets, returns to its default settings with the hope of something new; new life, change. I like the way I feel so connected to it.

Have a great writing week everyone … and we welcome Ashley Stokes into the spotlight tomorrow.


 A little birdy (yes a little blurred too) taken last year peeping into my house


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  1. Great post, love that little bird.

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