In the still of a moment …

Ideas come.

Eyes half-closed.

They whisper.

They perfuse.

They settle like soft raindrops on cotton.



Announcing themselves — softly at first.

In the still of a moment.

If they see you, if anyone watches, they see only a face, hands poised over keys.

But inside, you’re dancing.


Welcome to Monday — what ideas have you dared to dream?



Tomorrow’s In The Spotlight, Bridge House author, Don Nixon tells us about his latest success

Welcome to the dream factory, welcome to another great writing week … never stop believing that anything is possible.



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2 responses to “In the still of a moment …

  1. When the writing is going well, that’s just how it feels!

  2. Beautiful! Unfortunately I am not in that place at the moment. Muse, where are you? Come back to me!

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