The best job in the world…

The Writer’s Life for Me

No Monday morning or any morning blues.

No rushing through the weekend filling it up because you have ‘to work’ on Monday.

No feeling of dread at the what the day will bring.

No impossible deadlines.

No unreasonable boss.

No corporate hoops to squeeze through.

No money.

Well, let’s be positive — less money — for now.

It’s about quality of life.

Just me, my computer and a dream.

What could be better than that?

Believe in gold

Believe in gold



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4 responses to “The best job in the world…

  1. Don Nixon

    And if you get a good review, it’s even better!

  2. Mandy Davies

    And one day MGM will come along and buy up the rights to your bestseller. Just like they have with Jojo Moyes. It happens. Keep writing, keep dreaming.

  3. Beautiful words, and totally inspiring, keep it up!

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