Monday morning smiles or blues?

That Monday morning feeling? Or a big happy welcome to the week smile?

Well you know the answer to that question with me, smiles all around. I sometimes see that advert on the TV that says how many times this week have you moaned about work, and I think … erm … none! How lucky I am and what a difference three years make. And that’s now long it is now since I took the plunge with a gentle push into the rest of my life.

How about you? How do you feel?

I also woke up with a weird story in my head about a deaf girl obsessed with Pierrot clowns who had allegedly killed her mother … erm … will it turn into something? Actually it might. What a weird and wonderful world we writers live in.

Thanks for all the  comments at the end of last week about writing from the heart. I will continue with my novel as it is because having pondered and explored all the possibilities I need to stay true to it. But what it made me realise was sometimes our failures to hook an agent might not be to do with the actual writing. Yes we can all improve of course, but sometimes it really does come down to if they think they can sell it.

Well tomorrow I have another guest post from the lovely Lucy Oliver whose novella is out today! So you don’t want to miss it!

Here’s a preview …it has just arrived on my Kindle! Congrats on launch day Lucy! BUY HERE

Winter Storms (1)

Now that’s a reason to smile 🙂 A book out!

Have a good Monday all!

Remember to smile!


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4 responses to “Monday morning smiles or blues?

  1. Ooops, forgot to say, I don’t mind Mondays, as I work for myself at the moment as well.

  2. Being a writer is the best occupation!

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