Never giving up …

Well I hope you all enjoyed the guest post yesterday. I have another lined up for next week and another couple in the pipeline including a literary agent, so I hope what they have to say is encouraging and helpful to you all.

I was talking to a writing friend of mine recently about how we deal with rejection, good or bad and how hard it can sometimes be to keep going. I think the guests I’ve invited, including those previously featured, will verify that nothing is achieved without pure determined hard work and a resilience to brush off rejection and keep going.  Learn from it and keep moving. Remember to look how far you’ve come. Sometimes when you think you really can’t take any more, you might just be on the brink of a small miracle. They do happen.

But … nothing  comes without working at it. It is my firm belief that the ones that make it, that get the publishing deals, snag the agent and who knows might even land themselves and best seller, are there for one reason and one reason only … and it’s not that they attended some fancy writing school or knew the commissioning editor at Bloomsbury (yes that might help) but I think they’re there because they never gave up.

So make sure you keep that dream alive and do whatever it takes to be as good as you can be. Got it?

Happy writing everyone!

Only 3 days left in the Paws Animal Writing Competition

Only 3 days left in the Paws Animal Writing Competition LINK



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5 responses to “Never giving up …

  1. Don Nixon

    Debz is right. I was also once told never to throw anything I’d written away as it could always be revised and recycled at some future date. I wrote a Western novel a few years ago and it was rejected. Then I had a look at it again last year when I was doing some clearing out and thought that it had possibilities and did some rewritIng. It was published this Janiuary. I gave it a new title RANSOM and worked with the publisher on the cover and it’s now on Amazon etc. Also one of my short stories in Bridge House’s Crime After Crime was reworked a few times so keep at it and accept the fact that rejection is a part of being a writer.

  2. That’s a great post, and positive news for Don. Thanks both.

  3. Julie-Ann Corrigan

    Great news Don. Rejection is tough; just had a lttle myself. As Debz knows though, it was a lovely rejection. But still hurts. Redrafting for me. See you all in several months!

  4. Great comments — thanks guys and Don, I will send you some questions to be one of my guest Bloggers as people will be interested in your successes I’m sure! We must believe! Debz 🙂

  5. Don Nixon

    I think it’s also useful to enter literary competitions, particularly if you write poetry. I write more and more poetry and have found being shorlisted and winning some poetry competitions very encouraging. A very good annual international competition is which has a delightful poetry festival at Lake Orta in the Italian lakes. Carol Ann Duffy is the Patron and is there usually also with Gillian Clarke the Welsh poet laureate I have been lucky enough to win the formal section twice but would go there whether I won or not. It is great just being there among poets from all over the world and you learn all the time. Many of the pieces I have had eventually published started as competition pieces and whether they did well or not, the raw material is there to be honed later. Sometimes the judges give comments and these I have found very useful – also seeing pieces on the websites of pieces that did win can be instructive.. A useful website for competitions I have found is Prizemagic.

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