Being ready … great expectations …

Waiting for something to happen


After a week of posts that are almost like master classes in the nuts and bolts of story, I thought I would keep it short and sweet this morning as Britain is about to get a top to toe covering in snow! But even I can talk about the weather and relate it to writing … that’s ’cause I’m a writer, see. Shut up Debz!

I think being ready, no matter what, is half the battle — it keeps us warm, even in the storm.

Two years ago the snow came and came,  there I was in my little house almost out of gas bottles (I hate not having mains gas but that’s the price you pay for country living), little food and no decent snow shoes! I wasn’t prepared and even when I went to the local shop the deliveries hadn’t come in and with panicking people there wasn’t a lot left.

It strikes me as I write this I sound like on the ridge of a mountain the middle of the wilds — not quite. Not like my character in Alaska in the latest novel searching for Amy and wolves … that’s all I’m saying! Nowhere near, but I am in a little village edged with the mountains of Snowdonia National Park, and I don’t drive, so it has its limitations sometimes. Of course when the snow does come like that, as I know from the floods before Christmas, community pulls together so you never have to feel alone. One time the snow brought a power cut and there I was in the neighbours in my PJs supping coffee (at least  I have a gas stove) and laughing through the black out in the white out!

This time I got the shopping in, stocked up on gas bottles and bought some new fab mad wellies for walking Rosie in the snow! So I’m ready.  Hopefully the power won’t go out but if it does, hey what you gonna do? There’s something cosy about being in the house watching the snow fall and still being able to work. I used to dream of snow days when I hated my day job! How things change.

And so there I was thinking about that, my writing and about my life — indeed how far I’ve come. Instead of dreading the storm, I embrace it, no matter what it brings.

What gets me through everything is that bubble of expectation, okay perhaps not about the snow, but about what might happen today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. I write because I want my work out there and I want my stories to live in other people. And as I get closer to realising the real dream, I look at where I’ve been, at the path my footsteps made in the snow and at the smooth white path ahead and I think … how wonderful. It’s all there waiting for me. I might tread softly, I might make huge dents, but you will see where I was, perhaps only transiently but what counts is I was here.  When I’m gone and the snow has long since melted, someone somewhere will pick up a book and my characters will live on.

That’s the buzz that makes life exciting and sometimes however ready we think we are, slightly nervous about the unknown … the path not yet taken.

But here I am.

I’m ready. Are you?

Happy weekend happy souls!

Stay warm wherever you are.


Seems apt to have this picture … something for the little ones, even small footprints make an impression. I bring The Jet-Set



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One response to “Being ready … great expectations …

  1. Lucy Oliver

    I hear you have it quite bad there! It’s quite thick here, but kids off to school on sledges and now sitting in the warm with the laptop and lemsip. (Have a cold so excellent excuse to watch out the window!)

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