What a Writing Blog should do …

Believe in You

Well I am now fully back into my work mode today and so I was thinking about what I might Blog about. The danger is covering old ground, although there are times when it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of the basics. I am also planning interviews with other writers soon and we will have the guest post by an agent too, but like any literary agent he is somewhat busy at the moment.

If you have something you particularly want to read about, for me to cover related to writing then please do comment and we’ll see what we can do. Perhaps questions about editing, publishing, writing routines, time management … ? Let me know!

When I set out to write this Blog it was more of a way of sharing things with other writers and answering some of the questions people ask a lot, questions I used to ask a lot. The truth is that writing for a living generally involves having to do lots of other things related to writing, workshops, editing, proofing, critiquing and so on. For me this feeds in and improves my writing (I hope) so I never feel burdened by that, far from it. And I always make the time for my own writing. I am not one for procrastination, after all writing for me is the best bit.

But it is true that most writers, even those with agents who are being published regularly often only make mid-list and while their books are out there, they are still having to do all sorts of things to make ends meet. Do you even know their name? Is this the life you want? Are you prepared to work and work and often have little money? Well, as I always say richness isn’t always defined by what’s in the bank, but by what makes you get out of bed with a spring in your step … and for me writing does that every time.  Sure more money would help, but there is more to life than just that.

One of the things I hope comes across in my Blog is that writing needn’t be as isolating as you think it might be. I discovered that when I was first introduced to the writing group that I later ran for three years. At the time I was grieving and found a great deal more than just support for my writing, I made friends I love very much. I learned an awful lot about writing as well of course and quickly found myself not just immersed but completely absorbed into the world I needed to be part of and thankfully am now totally part of.

It was scary giving up the day job to write full-time I can tell you, but absolutely the very best thing I ever did. And I think the more I learned as a writer and a publisher and the many lessons along the way to becoming who I am now and who I will become, meant I hopefully had something to say, or better something people wanted to hear! Sure I am no famous novelist and most people say Debz who? But I like to think I can share what I’ve learned and help others and learn from others in the same boat.

Are there short cuts to a career as a successful novelist? Well as far as the writing is concerned only you can work on developing that craft, how much you do determines the real pay-off. But take the right advice, meet the right people, learn what not to do and you are already on a road to get there faster. And I think a Blog like this serves to bring other writers. and indeed anyone with a vague interest in the subject, together but above all what I hope a writing Blog does is inspire and show writers you are not alone!

Anything that makes you think YES I CAN DO THAT and feel empowered to go and write, well that’s worth doing, isn’t it?

So, here I am little old me, starting another glorious writing year with a huge buzz of excitement in my gut that says … this might just be the year.

Coming along for the ride?

Am I real writer yet?

My books! Am I a real writer yet?  YES!



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