Change and rest … Blogging in the afternoon

A change? A rest? A resolution? Nah, I was cleaning!

Well it is a change Blogging in the afternoon 🙂 and I know some of you will have decided for your new year resolutions to do something different. I am more of an all-year resolution kind of gal. If I say I am going to do something, I generally do. So the reason I’m Blogging in the afternoon is nothing to do with doing something different, but more because I’ve been  cleaning and getting ready to work properly after my rare break … but after the weekend! I always come home from the parents and see the faults in my own house, like it is not as clean!!!

So, here I am relaxing in a cleaner house and looking forward to a ‘normal’ Saturday with my writing pals and some normality. I am itching to get back to the novel, that I hope will benefit from the rest. I think it always helps to clear the mind once in a while.

But I guess your mind never really stops when you’re a writer. I was sat mid conversation the other afternoon when an idea came to me, just arrived in my head and sat down.   It’s still there, slowly sinking in and forming into something I will no doubt write soon. So while I was having a break, not completely — there’s always something worky to do, and I was working most days a little while I was away. The good thing is, I love it! And so it never feels like work!

So I wonder what you might have resolved to do this year?

I see 2013 as more of the same, but better, continuing to move forwards in a positive direction. While I enjoy and have Blogged about enjoying the freshness of a new page and the start of a new diary, at the same time, do we really want to wipe everything clean? Even a novel we might feel we’ve given up on and have resolved to work on something new now, we always take something from that. A clean slate might not be the best thing! So what did you make of 2012? I feel that 2012 was a great year, and I now I look forward to more of that!

I hope it will be a significant year and one that I think will see change. I have made a decision some time ago that I want to move back closer to the family and this is the year I’ll be painting and giving the place a cosmetic face lift to get it on the market.

I also hope this is the year my Kennedy novel finds a home.

But the trick, like resolutions, I think is not to be obsessed with the goal, make it the focus, sure, but be prepared to put in the hard work and keep going.

So here’s to the rest (I needed it!), change in a positive direction and success however you measure it.

Have a great weekend all …

By Morgan Joy Ashby

By Morgan Joy Ashby for Wild n Free book, competition for children closes January 25th LINK


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