Change and rest … Blogging in the afternoon

A change? A rest? A resolution? Nah, I was cleaning!

Well it is a change Blogging in the afternoon ūüôā and I know some of you will have decided for your new year resolutions to do something different. I am more of an all-year resolution kind of gal. If I say I am going to do something, I generally do. So the reason I’m Blogging in the afternoon is nothing to do with doing something different, but more because I’ve been ¬†cleaning and getting ready to work properly after my rare break … but after the weekend! I always come home from the parents and see the faults in my own house, like it is not as clean!!!

So, here I am relaxing in a cleaner house and looking forward to a ‘normal’ Saturday with my writing pals and some normality. I am itching to get back to the novel, that I hope will benefit from the rest. I think it always helps to clear the mind once in a while.

But I guess your mind never really stops when you’re a writer. I was sat mid¬†conversation¬†the other afternoon when an idea came to me, just arrived in my head and sat down. ¬† It’s still there, slowly sinking in and forming into something I will no doubt write soon. So while I was having a break, not¬†completely — there’s always something worky to do, and I was working most days a little while I was away. The good thing is, I love it! And so it never feels like work!

So I wonder what you might have resolved to do this year?

I see 2013 as more of the same, but better,¬†continuing¬†to¬†move¬†forwards in a positive direction. While I enjoy and have Blogged about enjoying the freshness of a new page and the start of a new diary, at the same time, do we really want to wipe everything clean? Even a novel we might feel we’ve given up on and have resolved to work on something new now, we always take something from that. A clean slate might not be the best thing! So what did you make of 2012? I feel that 2012 was a great year, and I now I look forward to more of that!

I hope it will be a significant year and one that I think will see change. I have made a decision some time ago that I want to move back closer to the family and this is the year I’ll be painting and giving the place a cosmetic face lift to get it on the market.

I also hope this is the year my Kennedy novel finds a home.

But the trick, like resolutions, I think is not to be obsessed with the goal, make it the focus, sure, but be prepared to put in the hard work and keep going.

So here’s to¬†the rest (I needed it!), change in a positive direction and success however you measure it.

Have a great weekend all …

By Morgan Joy Ashby

By Morgan Joy Ashby for Wild n Free book, competition for children closes January 25th LINK


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