The power of a new page …

Some people see the flashing cursor over the new page as a first sign of Writer’s Block.

Others see it as a place where dreams start.

Some people procrastinate; over think it, worry it out of existence.

Others just do it, press one key after another like taking tentative footsteps in the darkness.

Some people live with the fear they are not good enough.

Others know it’s all in the mind of the beholder, what’s good enough for one, isn’t for another. And even if you think it’s not good enough, learning is what makes life a journey and not an event.

So don’t see the flashing cursor or the blank page with fear, see it as a new beginning. And who knows where it’s gonna take you.

Welcome to 2013.

May your writing dreams come true.




Filed under Dreaming, Learning to be a writer, Literary Fiction, Living the dream, Mentoring, Novel writing, Passion for writing

2 responses to “The power of a new page …

  1. Fingers crossed something comes of 17 years of ‘wanting to be’ a writer this year!

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