CafeLit and the Creative Cafe Project

It all started with a dream … (the way Barry Manilow wrote the song ‘One Voice’ … a little trivia for you!)

I remember when Gill James said to me that she’d had a dream … it was an idea that came to her one night and one I have to say certainly sounded like something that had wings.

And what was that idea?

It was the idea that none of us are ever far from a Creative Cafe. A place where creative people sit and read books, sketch, write … and more than that, perhaps display art on the walls, play host to writing groups and hold book launches. She said she imagined the cafes would carry a window sticker, a little like a restaurant rating or Fair Trade. A form of creative branding. All people would have to do was visit the website to find one in every town and they would know what to expect.

It was a while before that idea started to stretch its wings … but slowly it did and now a number of cafes have signed up to the project that Gill founded, with some funding and the support of Salford University.

Take a look at the website and perhaps you can nominate a local cafe? They don’t have to pay to be part of this but it is hoped they will host events and generate interest.

Creative Cafe

One of the first cafes was Blue Sky in Bangor, a popular haunt of mine and we have launched books there. We also used to have our writing group there.  Do have a look.

Cafelit is an extension of the Creative Cafe Project and I will talk some more about that tomorrow, the type of stories we publish for the ezine that I am editor for; what I look for and why I selected the stories I did for the Cafelit Best of 2012. So watch this space.

Have a great writing day 🙂




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2 responses to “CafeLit and the Creative Cafe Project

  1. That sounds exciting Debz. I’ve given Cafelit 2011 to family as Christmas pressies.

  2. That sounds like an excellent idea. I would love to have that in Australia too.

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